Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Carter, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! My "baby" is 4! FOUR! Can you believe it? sigh......

don't ask me what kind of smile that is.....
It's hard to believe 4 years ago today, on a VERY cold December morning, I gave birth to my last child...another boy..... I was thoroughly convinced that all the doctors and sonograms were wrong and he was going to be a girl. Um. Nope. They were all right. It's a boy! (as if I didn't know that they were going to be right and I was going to have to deal with 2 boys for the rest of my life). Don't worry--I bought stock in Aleve! ha!

Enough of that--down to business--the BIRTHDAY PARTY! We woke up Sunday morning to rain. Mind you, we've essentially been in a drought for weeks and weeks and all of a sudden, on my child's party day, it has to rain. Yeah, thanks...I needed that stress. (deep breath)

So.....we had to change the party site/location to a cousin's barn down the road from our house. It was fine though, and all worked out well. The kids played in the yard, ran around like wild banshees and had fun! That's what counts!

I always make their birthday cakes, but this year, decided to go even further and use fondant on Carter's cake....here's the end result! Not perfect, but hey--I did the best I could, and it's cute , if I say-so myself.

We decorated the inside of the barn with some construction balloons and tablecloths, etc.

The goody bags we gave out to Carter's "little" friends....

And of course, we had a gift table.........

Carter got so many nice things from his friends and family.....I just love the looks on his face in these next few pictures....you can literally see the excitement!

Showing everyone his bow and arrow from his "Uncle" Travis and "Aunt" Cori

Overall, a great party and the kids had fun and my BABY did too!



  1. Hey, you did a great job on your cake!!!! I need to try that stuff sometime. Was it difficult to work with?

    By the way, I have seen that precious smile on another four yr. old around our place.

    Great party!

  2. Glad the rain didnt mess yall up! I was worried! Cake turned out cute, but I already told ya that! :) And no, I cannot believe that Cartie-boy is FOUR....

  3. Too cute...he is going to break some hearts! I love the cake...very inventive!

  4. Awww! Big Boy!!
    You are such a good Mama- he's gonna remember his construction themed birthday party forever,
    ""member? We had it in the BARN!!?"
    Great job!

  5. That cake was wonderful!! Actually, looks like the whole party was.

    Tell Carter - Happy Birthday!!

  6. Wow, Carter is 4!!! I love his cake--you did good, mama!

  7. That is an awesome cake! mmmm... cake... cake....

    I think I need to go to a bakery right now. I'm craving cake like a crazy person.

    But the question is... do crazy people actually crave CAKE? I wonder... LOL


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