Monday, December 7, 2009

Florida-Florida State

On Thanksgiving weekend, the Gators played their final home game of the season against FSU. I'm a die hard Gator fan, my brother is a die hard FSU fan. Don't know where he went astray...., but that's another story. HA! HA! (For his birthday, we gave him a pair of tickets to the game (technically my mother in law gave him the tickets). He wasn't sure he wanted to see that slaughtering, but like any good sport, he went to the game to support his team.)

Of course, tailgating is only half the fun! Here's our super-fun host Wiley pouring drinks waaayyyy too early in the morning. Don't worry-I only had diet coke!

A friend of mine was down from Tallahassee, bless her sweet soul, she's a Gator and her hubby is a Nole. We forgave her for marrying him. Anyhow, her and her sister-in-law, who happens to be my best friend, walked over to our tailgate......

Me, best friend Mandi, Michelle (friend from Tally), and their sister, Miranda
Some of the guys lounging around at the tailgate.....

After a little tailgating time, we headed into the stadium to watch the Gators warm-up and such. I've said before that Riley Cooper is Carter's favorite player, so I always try to get some good shots...unfortunately, every single time I tried to snap a pic. he turned and I got his other side. I'd tell you it was his bad side, but I'd be lying. And I try to be an honest person. ha-ha!

And this man needs NO words!!

It was Senior Day for the Gators, and very emotional for some. Can you believe it was Tebow's last game in the Swamp? It just won't seem the same without him........Here's a few of the Senior's as they ran out of the tunnel....

This is Tebow's family waiting for him to run out.....

After the Senior festivities, it was time to Chop the Noles! And boy did we?!?!?! It's always great to win games, but there is just something about beating the Noles that does my heart good. There's a verse in the Bible that talks about laughter being good medicine! See?! Told ya. GOD IS A GATOR FAN!

And towards the end of the game when we KNEW we were going to win, this player was doing the chop....hysterical!
And here's the team at the end of the game!!! GOOOOOOOOO GATORS!!

Y'all it just doesn't get any better than this. Well, except maybe a sale at Kohl's. Or winning the SEC game. Or going for another National Championship.



  1. hahaha a sale at Kohl's LOVE IT!!

  2. Great times--great memories for sure!

  3. Such a cute post. BTW, did you know that Mandi was my cousin?? It looks like y'all had a blast!

  4. God is a gator fan???? Okay you have me rolling here girl... What would I do without you cracking me up?


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