Friday, December 4, 2009

My Niece's FIRST Gator Game!

A few Saturday's ago, we had the honor (sniff, sniff) of taking my niece to her FIRST Gator football game! My brother is a die-hard Seminole (Lord, forgive him) and my niece is really on the fence about it...she is one of those "it doesn't really matter to me" kind of girls (heaven help her)!

Now as long as we've been Gator fans, and as long as they've been doing the Gator Walk, we've never gone and watched it. Since we had my niece and my oldest one, we decided that day we would try and get a glimpse of Tim Tebow, errr...I mean the Gator football team. (hee-hee)

Cecil hoisted Nolan up on his shoulders, and my niece and I forged our way through the crowd right up to the rope line and got a few great pics of the Team.

Here's one of the Pouncey twins.....

This is Aaron Hernandez...he's the idiot that threw the ball in the stands after his touchdown this past week (this picture was taken the week before though).
This is Riley Cooper (Carter's favorite player) and right as I snapped the picture, he turned his head.
Some more of the Team...I have no idea who these people are. My hubby could tell you though.
And LAWD HAVE's the star of the show......(Tim Tebow, not the State Trooper). I just got chills. Yum-O!!

My niece and I before the game.....isn't my niece beautiful? (okay, I'm partial, but still...she's only 13 and gorgeous!)

Nolan and his Uncle Edward (Cecil's brother)

We usually head into the stadium as soon as you can get in to see the team warm up and run drills. Can I just tell you that if I were to do some of the exercises I see these boys doing, I would not be able to get up off the ground? Below is Riley Cooper, and let me tell you, he twists and turns during warm up and makes my back just ache thinking about it.

And this one here, well, it speaks for itself!

Since the stadium wasn't full, Nolan and Edward were able to move down near us. Nolan wasn't able to sit in a seat and still see the game, so he propped up on his daddy's lap.

To see this heavenly sight.....

And just for kicks...Y'ALL....look at the shoes this woman behind us was wearing!! Ewwwwww!! Good thing she didn't step on a nail or something sharp! It would have gone right through her foot!

We're heading to Atlanta today to see Tim Tebow, err...I mean, the Gators play in the SEC Championship game. I sure hope they pull it off! Y'all pray hard!




  1. How exciting! I'm glad you got to witness your niece's first Gator game. How cool. I hope you have fun seeing Tim Tebow...*ahem,* I mean the SEC Championship game. :) Be safe.

  2. OK I SO covet your seats at these games!! Your neice is a beauty--you can still be biased!

  3. Heavenly sight is right! What in the world are we going do next year with no Tebow?

  4. She can't really be 13 years old cause that would mean that we are.... oh lord have mercy..say it isn't so!!! HAHA!

    Gator games just won't be the same without him next year Ha!


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