Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I promised you all a look at all my Christmas decorations and until now, had only shown you our family Christmas tree....sorry 'bout that. I suppose a million different things got in the way. Here's a look at our house, dressed for the holidays. Mind you, this is only SOME of the decorations that I have.....We decided not to put up everything this year. Too much going on I suppose.

Here's a simple plate on my counter--I got the plate on sale at Pier 1, with a gift card that I won from Lemonade Makin' Mama and stuck some silver beads on it.
My Snow Village on top of the entertainment center. This is only 1/4 of my village....the rest is still in the shed. I decided we'd only put this much up this year and then next year, we'd go all out and do the whole thing with lights and everything.

Y'all know I love Christmas and have to have everything decorated. My office door has a small snowman wreath on the doorknob:

My baker's pantry door.....another small decoration:
In my foyer (or whatever you want to call it) I have an "old" table--I put this Christmas tree on it with some red tealights--it's really pretty in the evenings when we light it!
Also in our foyer next to the front door, is a large FROSTY that sings and dances when you walk past him--or when he senses motion. Let me tell you that poor FROSTY stays unplugged A LOT since I have 2 boys and they are NEVER without motion! ha!

This little "table" that I set up is a Partylite stand (which is OLD) with a plate on it that I just bought this year, only a few weeks ago at Cracker Barrel. I just kept walking past this plate and for some reason could NOT let it go. I really didn't need/want to spend 7.99 (I know, call me cheap) but every time I walked past it in the store, I just's just so simple and gorgeous. In case you can't read it, it says "Let Heaven and Nature Sing".......It's got holly berries on it, which match my Christmas china to a tee! I couple the plate with a gold plate stand and voila! A beautiful corner piece! I put a red candle melt next to it, along with some of my glass jar Christmas decorations (see picture below) and it's perfect (I think!) This set-up is in my formal dining room.
(the glass jar decoration referred to above. I have 2 of these on my bar and 2 more on the table above, which is housed in my formal dining room)
Speaking of formal dining room, I'll show you pictures in a few days of a dinner party we had, using all my good Christmas China, etc.'s a picture of a piece of the table runner in the formal dining room. You can see a few pieces of my Christmas china sticking out too....
This basket of pinecones, cinnamon scented I might add, sits in a Longaberger (ADORE!) basket on my kitchen bar. I bought the pinecones a few years ago during the holidays, then spray painted them silver, burgundy and forest green. I love them and it always gets the most compliments of all my decorations!
Last, but certainly not least, I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS! Here's our Christmas cards in a holder that I bought a few years ago after Christmas at the Christian bookstore.
I'm hoping to show you pictures of Nolan's Christmas program, our annual dinner party, and a few other things this week. We'll see how far I get--if I don't post until after Christmas......
MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!! And p.s. Thanks for touring our house!



  1. I love your Christmas Card holder! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas :)

  2. I have always wanted a way to display christmas cards!! how cute!

  3. I love that big snow man. I wish Allie could see that, she would most likely freak out, but it would be funny! (:


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