Monday, May 17, 2010

Field Day Snacks

This week is Field Day at N's school.

Do y'all remember Field Day growing up? Ugh. I do. And. I.Hated.It. I think I hated it because it involved non-girly things like running and tug-of-war and sweating. I always came home with lots of blue ribbons (I'm the best 3-legged racer out there) and jump hurdles? Girl--I could do it! Not now that I'm 942 pounds heavier, but I "used to could" clear some hurdles. Now my hurdles are BIGGER. Much, much BIGGER. Either way, I'm excited to see if N comes home with any ribbons and such. There are TONS of boys in his class and his teacher is very excited about Field Day, because she says she has the MOST competitive boys ever!

Back to the story.

I volunteered to bag up 300 or so bags (yes, I wrote 300 and no, it wasn't a typo) of "Jungle Mix" or something like that--we call it Chex mix, but apparently since Field Day has a jungle theme this year, it's Jungle Mix or Monkey Munch or some such thing as that.

This is what I've been staring at all weekend.....

And here are about 250 bags full of Monkey Munch, Jungle Mix, Fish Food, or whatever you want to call it......and I only have another 125 bags left.......I should go now.



  1. Ah, Field Day!! Gotta love it. Hope the weather is great, and the smiles on the kids' faces are huge!!

  2. Yummy, Charon! You are such a good momma/volunteer. Like you, I hated field day. I have zip, zero athletic ability and therefore always came home shamed of my sad skills ;)

  3. I did not like field day when I was a kid and I still don't like it today. I disliked being outside getting "dirty & stinky", and had absolutely no athletic ability.

  4. How fun!!! Love the monkey munch! :)

  5. Bless your heart. I hated field day. I hated the sweating, the heat, the whole "having to participate" thing. LOL. And I can't really say that I ever brought home a blue ribbon for field day. Not only did I hate it...but I was bad at it. haha. I loved the term "monkey munch." Looks like you have your work cut out for you. :) Good luck girl!

  6. I wasn't much for Field Day either. I guess the only thing I looked forward to about it was that Mama would be there and it gave us a day out of class.

  7. I was too prissy for "field day" as well. After having boys, you learn to look at it a little differently. You are such a good mom to work on putting all those bags of treats together!


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