Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Ol' Rocky Top

Let me be very clear here. I have NOT turned into a Tennesse fan!! I'm still a GATOR through and through, I just couldn't think of a better title for my post! ha-ha!

Our family (all of 'em) took a trip last week to Tennesee (i.e. Good Ol' Rocky Top) to see the Gators play! This has become somewhat of a tradition for us, as my in-laws always rent a large cabin in Pigeon Forge for the family to stay in while we're there. We usually take about 4 days and just hang out, go to the game, shop, etc.

This year, we all left on Thursday (at different times) and headed towards the mountains and some (hopefully) cool weather.

The trip wasn't bad at all and the sights were even better! It's just breathtakingly beautiful! I NEVER get tired of looking at this sight!

On Thursday night when we got there, the kids were wound up after riding in the cars all day, so they got to play outside and in the downstairs game room and have fun running and playing and being BOYS.

Here's the outside of our cabin. (Think our family likes GMC much? We could be their ad campaign).

Friday morning, my father-in-law wanted to head to Outdoor World (Bass Pro Shop) so we all loaded up and headed out. It's like herding cattle for us to go anywhere! You should see it. It's something I tell ya.

Carter got a stuffed bear, and named him Joey Bear. Who knows where he got that name from. But Joey Bear it is.

That night, we all wanted to go to Cades Cove to try and see some deer, bear, and other wildlife. We knew we had to leave early, and it was too early to eat dinner before we went, so we packed everything up in the trucks and had ourselves a picnic right there in the middle of one of the fields inside Cades Cove. It was a blast! We got several stares from people, but we didn't care!

We saw several HUGE deer and 2 bears! We stopped at one point on the trail, and there was a man and woman making sorgum, and we saw a HUGE HUGE HUGE deer so close we could touch him.

Sorry for the blurry picture, Cecil had the camer and this was a huge buck, so he was shaking! ha-ha

Saturday was the big game! Both kids were able to attend this year and were very excited. Previously, only Nolan was old enough to make the trip to Knoxville and Carter had to stay back at the cabin with a sitter. You'd have thought they won the lottery when my in-laws said BOTH boys could go this year!
The game was HOT (but not as HOT as previous years) and I was a little concerned there for a bit, but the Gators pulled off another win! Mine and Cecil's seats were WAAAAYYY at the top of the stadium (which I was NOT liking), but the boys had great seats with my in-laws just behind the Gator players.

We headed back home on Sunday since the boys had school Monday and I had to go back to work. (The real world stinks!) All in all, a great trip, and it was full of memories.

Oh yes. The GATORS won, so that made it a FABULOUS trip!



  1. I LOVE the mountains, always feel like "I'm home" when I'm there... love the pics!

  2. My hubby would have loved that trip. Bass Pro, deer, bear, and food. All he needs.

  3. What a great cabin! I love log cabins and the mountains and family vacations!!! :)
    So glad the gators won! And love all the pics! A picnic in the middle of Cades Cove? How fun! Love it!
    My fave pic is the boys sitting behind the car eating their sandwiches at the tailgate! Love it! :)

  4. It looks like a lot of fun was had by all! I'd so love to be up there for a little R&R myself! Thanks for sharing with all of us stuck at home and work ;)

  5. OMG, looks like SO much fun. What a beautiful area. That cabin looks amazing. I'm glad y'all had a great time. One question...between the beach, Disney, etc...when are y'all ever home?? :) lol

  6. Very cool! I hate that song, though!

    LOL @ Cecil shaking when taking pictures of the big buck! Eric would have done the same thing!! :)

  7. I was watching the Game on TV and looking for blue shirts - ha!! I love the mountains - I used to have a cabin not far from Cade's Cove when I lived in Nashville. I sure miss it sometimes, but it was on the wrong side of the mountain for good TV reception - that's a problem for me - LOL!!

  8. What a great trip, Charon! Lots of fun memories for the boys and y'all. I am wondering if your in-laws would adopt me?!?! Just kidding :) Loving the new car, Mrs. Thing!

  9. Such a fun way to spend a long weekend...Gator football, a Gator WIN, time with family, a beautiful mountain cabin, a picnic with wildlife! It all sounds perfect!


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