Monday, September 6, 2010

Like A Fish

My boys love the water.  No, I mean they really LOVE the water.  We go to the beach every summer for 2 weeks, and my in-laws have a house on the Suwannee, so the boys are in the water at least 2 days every weekend almost every weekend!

I’m a HUGE proponent of kids learning how to swim both for safety reasons AND because it’s healthy!  I realize I’m not the healthiest person on earth, but swimming is so good for your joints and your muscles.  No comments about how I should go swimming please!  ha!

Although both my boys can swim, I wanted Carter to get some more instruction so he would be a better, stronger swimmer, and Nolan is thinking of doing competitive swimming, so he needed some endurance practice.  (if he had the endurance in swimming like he does in talking there would be no problem ha-ha-ha)

We swim for the…..


Nolan is doing very well—he needed to work on the endurance part and by the end of the first practice, he can swim half-way in an Olympic sized pool!  Carter swam a lap in the “little” pool!



  1. cool!, but no pics of them swimming in this olympic size swimming pool???? (which Nolan swimming half is VERY impressive!) :)

  2. I'm with you on the swimming lessons. I really wish I could have gotten Allie in this summer, but since we couldn't it is on the For Sure list next year.

  3. That's great Charon!!! I'm starting to swim myself to help me get into shape! I think that everyone child, but especially Florida children, need to learn to swim. Keep up the good work.


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