Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Carter!

December 1 was Carter's birthday. I'm feeling the need to tell y'all that I'm feeling OLD, because my "baby" just turned 5. That officially means NO MORE BABIES (or BABY for that matter). sniff, sniff.

Carter loves some Mickey Mouse these days (ahem, I am giving credit where credit is due here and praising myself for that one--cause y'all know how much I LOVE Disney!). Typically, I don't let the boys do "character" parties but I relented just this once and let him choose Mickey Mouse for his theme! We had a simple party at the local park and the kids just played and enjoyed themselves!

I made 2 Mickey Mouse cakes and this year I went ALL out and made him a shirt to wear! I saw shirts and such that my friend Annie makes all the time, and figured that I too, could do this!

Carter received so many nice gifts for his birthday and really had a lot of fun with all the children that attended!!Carter received Bakugans, board games, a bubble gum machine.....

One of Carter's big presents was a drum set from his Uncle Edward and Jenni! HE LOVES IT!

We had such a good time at the park with Carter's little friends and it was a Happy Birthday indeed!



  1. I love a birthday party in the park, Charon! Looks like Carter was in heaven.

  2. Love the pics of all the boys standing around. So sweet... Carter's party turned out great! The shirt was adorable... I love MM ears in the black check fabric!!! Sorry I couldn't zigzag the edges for you... My machine wouldn't let me do AB's either... So I just steam a seamed it and left the edges plain. Your cakes turned out cute, too... especially the fancy mickey! go on, girl!

  3. Looks like he had a blast, and I agree, character parties aren't my favorite either...I swore my kids wouldn't have character shoes, shirts, bedding, etc...but when it makes them so happy what else can you do!! He looks like he had an awesome 5th birthday party!!! Yikes!! My Way turns 5 in 7 months...agghhhh!!!

  4. What did you do to piss Edward and Jenni off? LOL

  5. Happy Birthday Carter!! Glad he had a wonderful birthday!! 8-)

  6. I think it's hard for us mommas to let go and let our children have character parties or wear character clothing. You are a better momma for realizing his party should be about what makes HIM happy! His MM shirt turned out super cute with that black checked fabric. Applique shirts are really very easy to do. :)


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