Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

I've discovered Pinterest.  I know, I know....I don't need any more "hobbies" or "likes" or something else to occupy the time I don't have!  ha!

Let me tell ya' right to the here and now.  I'M ADDICTED.  I have purposefully stayed away from this phenomenon!  And lord help, I fell to peer pressure the other day and joined.  Yikes.

For those that have no idea what Pinterest is, it's basically an online smorgasbord of pictures, ideas, likes and whatnot that you can keep all in one central location.  It's your "interest board" that you "pin" things to--hence, Pinterest.  I LOVE IT.


Do YOU Pinterest?



  1. Yes. It's a sad, sad obsession. But I can't help myself.

  2. I just joined today and I'm addicted too!!

  3. LOVE pinterest! Totally addicting!


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