Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go Gators!

I'm behind in blogging, but wanted to post about the first Gator game!

As always, we had a great time at the tailgate and would you believe I only got 1 picture?  BUT it's a GREAT picture and one that we LOVE!

That's the hubs and myself with Abby Wambach, the best women's soccer player in the world.  She was at our tailgate Saturday, along with Heather Mitts and we had a great time!  Cecil said she was an awesome player and I thought I remembered that, but I looked up her accomplishments on the Internet when we got home.  OH MY!  She's AMAZING.  If you have time, take a look at her SUCCESSES!  The best part?  She was a GATOR!

The football team had a big win Saturday and we're looking ahead to more big wins this season!



  1. How cool!! And I'm still not believing you only got one un-Charon like that is!!!

  2. Can you imagine being the absolute BEST at what you do! How exciting. I love me a good tailgate pary!!!
    Glad you had fun!
    Have a pretty day!


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