Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Festival!

Wow! It has been such a busy few weeks for us! We had family in for a quick visit, Fall Festivals, Gator games, and all kinds of other fun things to do! I will catch up on blogging these events at some point in time, or little by little......

Last Wednesday night at church, we had our annual Fall Festival for the children. It was so nice and all the kids had a blast. The theme this year was "God's Creation" and each "station" had a creation aspect to it, or Biblical principle. For example, the station I was at was the cupcake decorating station (leave it to the fat girl to be in charge of a food station--ha-ha). The kids had pre-iced cupcakes (in yellow icing) and candy corns to decorate a cupcake to look like a sun.

Children were encouraged to dress up as something God created, such as bugs, animals, flowers, etc. or anything as long as it wasn't scary or such. Both my boys wanted to be Gator football players. Go figure. After racking my brain for days and days and days on how to talk my boys out of this, I decided to let them be Gator football players. Nolan was Tim Tebow and Carter was Riley Cooper. (yes I know the numbers don't correspond, but you try telling a 3 year old that!) They even got so excited when I brought out the eye-black that had Gators on it!

You know what......after stressing out over this, I decided that Tim Tebow was so perfect and the Gators were having such a good year, that's it's simply a fact we all know.....GOD CREATED THE GATORS!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!

The Fall Festival was the only trick-or-treat type event my boys will get to attend this year because we will be at the Florida-Georgia game on Halloween. They had a good time and they're still eating candy from it!

Until next time.....



  1. So CUTE!!
    We don't get to do a fall festival this year becasue of $$ restraints. Waaa! Thanks for sharing your pics so we can enjoy them too.

  2. Hey Charon! Too cute! Where did you get the football "costumes"? I really want to find the helmet for Isaac, before Saturday!

  3. 14 pounds is AMAZING! Way to go! Love the costumes! Tebow is a great, Christian football player... very fitting! :)

  4. Fun!! Both of them are adorable!! and cute idea about the cupcake decorating station and doing the sun....

  5. I bet you guys had a blast at the game!!! Did you let the boys wear their costumes? I wasn't able to go, but it was a great game to watch!


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