Monday, October 19, 2009

A Spooky Treat!

I FINALLY started on the project that I blogged about last month! I have been spray painting cans every afternoon and my hands look like I'm ready for Halloween! They are speckled with black spray paint and well--I can't seem to get it off. I've tried everything!

Last Saturday, Nolan and I took a trip to Michael's (armed with my 40% off coupon of course) to get some paper, ribbon, and stickers to decorate the cans with. I left with green, black, and orange ribbon. Ghost stickers, pumpkin stickers, and spider stickers. Fun, kid-centered Halloween paper. And LOTS of ideas floating around in my head! Mostly excitement though, over what I could create with all the goodies I had just purchased.

Here are 3 of the cans I've decorated so far.....Not one is the same (yet!) I have used zots to hold the paper onto the tin can (if you don't know what zots are--you are missing OUT!) I've also experimented with different ribbon combinations and stickers. I think my favorite one so far is the third one with the purple spider.

Until next time.....



  1. They are so cute!!! The last one is my favorite too!!! You need to do a crafty giveaway - you make such fun stuff :)

  2. looking cute!!! When you ever going to get these cans from me?!?!? Ha..

  3. So So So cute Charon! Are you needing more cans? I found a pile of them in the back of our office. Let me know. I will be seeing Annie today and I can send them your way with her.

  4. Those are so very cute!! I do love me some Michaels, girl. :)

  5. They are too cute!! Matt LOVES zots. I have to keep a box next to his tools because he uses them on everything. Sadly the man went zot crazy on a surfboard in Michael's room and now it won't come off the wall unless you want to fix the drywall. haha


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