Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Magical Weekend!

While the Gators beating LSU was a magical weekend I'm really referring to the weekend before that when Cecil, the kids and I loaded up and went to Disney! We left on a Friday as soon as Nolan got out of school and headed down to one of my favorite places on earth! And now that we found a "new" way to go (we found it about a year or so ago), we hit hardly ANY traffic at all!

For this trip, Nolan requested that we stay at the Fort Wilderness Cabins, so that's what we did. We're passholders, so I get great rates for various rooms, etc. and we got a steal on our cabin for that weekend. (Carter requested that we stay at the French Quarter when we go back in December)

Anyhow--it was a great weekend and the kids had a blast! That's really what counts in the grand scheme of things! It was very very hot, but neither of the boys complained about the heat NOT ONE SINGLE TIME! That was a blessing! You'd have "thunk" it would be a little cooler in October, but nope--not in good ole' Florida. Here's hoping for cool weather in December!

Waiting for the bus to take us to Epcot on Friday night....

At Epcot, we rode Soarin' (Carter was FINALLY tall enough to go on it and LOVED it!) and also did the GM Test Track (again, Carter was finally tall enough to go on it)! Seems like both my boys might be little daredevils when they get older...I hope not, but I definitely see a little bit of daredevil in Carter!

Waiting for Soarin' to begin!

The BIG surprise this trip was a gift from my mother-in-law and father-in-law--they paid for the boys to experience the new Pirate Adventure at Magic Kingdom on Saturday. It's housed right next to Pirates of the Caribbean and is awesome! You go in, roll dice, get assigned a new pirate name for the rest of the adventure, get your face painted in various designs (you choose which one), get swords, costumes, treasure, goody bags, pictures, and all kinds of other stuff! We were in there for about an hour or more! It was GREAT and well worth the money! Here's a few pictures of Francis Sternskimmer and Simon Ropewalker! (cool pirate names, huh?)

Saturday afternoon, after naptime, it was time for the parade on Main Street USA! This parade was interactive and the characters got down off the floats and interacted with the kids and such! It was great! Here's Nolan and Carter waving at some character...for the life of me, I can't remember who...I think it might have been Mr. Incredible!

On Sunday, we went to Animal Kingdom for a brief period before we headed home! Nolan's favorite thing at AK is "A Bug's Life" show! Here we are with our cool bug 3-D glasses on. Great fashion statement, don't you think?

All in all, a great trip and an awesome break from reality. I always joke and say that whenever I need a break from reality, I head to Disney! That's sure to do it! It's always happy there!

Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing a small portion of our Disney trip--we had some family down recently and I can't wait to post all about that too!

Until next time....



  1. Your boys are adorable. Looks like you had lots of fun at Disney. I loved raising boys, even though there wasn't much room or time for girlie things. But I learned to love football, pirates, shootouts on the OK Corral and such. I did have a couple boys that were dare-devils and when I knew they were being dare-devils I just turned my head and prayed a lot. Much of their dare-devil actions I learned about after they were all grown up. The two dare-devils are now airplane pilots. One is a crop duster. I'm still praying alot.

  2. Well I hope your "New Way" was better than the way that you and I found. You know... Disney by way of Tampa hahahaha

  3. Fun! Love the pirate thing. Your in-laws are the best!

  4. The pirate stuff looks like a lot of fun! The boys are adorable!

  5. It looks like y'all had a great time. Its ALWAYS nice to take a little break from the same ol' same ol' :)

  6. Those boys are adorable!! Fun times....

    Now, Charon and any friends, I have JUST GOT to get a dessert from you! So look through those archives if you don't have time to do a new post.

  7. cute boys! love the pirate outfits and makeup!

  8. I love the names... every pirate worth his hook has a good name!

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  10. Wow, those pirate faces look real (esp. the scar). I know Francis & Simon had a good time...I assume Nolan was Simon....I like that pirate snarl he's got on his face :)


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