Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Coaches Dinner

Every year the head baseball coach invites his assistant coaches over for a pre-season dinner and gathering--an all around great time! The coaches and assistant coaches get along wonderfully, which is sometimes a rarity when it comes to sports!
Here's a few of the wives chatting as dinner was about to be served....(make no mistake, we were NOT chatting about the upcoming season! ha-ha!)

and the guys (coaches) after dinner.....

You can't see who is in this picture, but it's Jim and Cecil......
We're gearing up for a great season with great coaches and great players! GO BIG RED!



  1. that's got to be a great thing when the coaches & thier wives all get along! :)
    I am guessing this is Mandi's house since you said head coach? I LOVE her island in her kitchen. So pretty!

  2. I'm with Annie, that island is neat! I have been wanting one in my kitchen. Wonder where she got that one?

  3. Annie and Lyndsay--Mandi got her island in Atlanta..... : )

  4. I miss those sports events...my kiddies are grown (all though one of my sons referees to remain involved)...I love your blog...I'm rather new to blogging, and I noticed your profile says you love red velvet cake...my daughter made a fantastic red velvet cake for Christmas...I posted about it (and embarrassed her, of course). Take care!

  5. What a great idea, Charon. Looks like fun!

  6. Best part about this post?
    Your HAIR, darlin'!
    woop! woop! Work it!

  7. That's so cool!! Where does your man coach?

  8. I meant to say "Does your man coach for college ball?" My brain is tired...

  9. Awww...cute post. Looks like y'all had a blast.


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