Saturday, February 6, 2010

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

You'll have that tune in your head all day, won't you? Muah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Last Saturday night, we went out to CELEBRATE the birthday of a dear friend, Travis. Travis' wife, Cori planned out a great surprise party for Travis and had lots of our friends meet us at Yamato's for some great food!
Travis and Cori

Travis standing on his chair while we sang Happy Birthday to him and Yamato's rang the gong

Here's our group after dinner and we were STUFFED!! It was delicious!

Someone (who shall remain nameless!!) insisted we go somewhere else after dinner......where else, but bowling! It was determined that one of the bowling alleys in Gainesville was a tad "shady" so we elected to hit up another alley, just down the road from Yamato's. Strikz, I think it was called......

Ladies during bowling......(minus a few who either had gone home after dinner or whatnot)

Let me just say here and now that Danielle is the BEST bowler I've ever seen. Let it also be known that I do NOT bowl. Ever. Ever. I just can't do the foot funk. Nor do I enjoy purposefully making a huge fool of myself in front of others. Incidentally, not that I've got a great side, but my backside most CERTAINLY is not my best side. Oddly enough, that's all you see of most people when they are bowling. That being said, let me just say now that I've made a fool plenty of other times, all by pure accident! Bowling was not happening for me this particular night.

Back to the real story here. Danielle. She is the BOMB when it comes to bowling!!! GO DANIELLE! Strike after strike after strike! She credits all her talent to the Wii, but I'm not sure Todd hasn't been taking her to the bowling alley (let's hope not the shady one) to practice!!

I'll say here and now that the girls team was AWESOME! They kicked some bowling booty! The guys did too, but I forgot to look at their final score...sorry guys. If you're even reading this.

After bowling, that same someone (who is STILL remaining nameless) suggested we go for roller skating and go-karting next door to the bowling alley. By this time, it's about 10 something at night! Yes, I'm old. 10 something is late for me, especially considering we had been in Disney the night before and all day on Saturday--and I could feel myself getting physically sick with the flu (it ended up that I had to get strep-tested AND had the flu, which would hang around for another week).

Go-karting came first and let me say that I love a good race. Especially in a car. I know, I know. I have road rage something awful. I'm working on that. No, it was NOT one of my New Year's Resolutions. Why work on something that you know you're going to fail at? Waste of my time! ha!!

Turns out, my car was defective and I was lapped FOUR, yes FOUR times. It was SO SLOW! It was great fun, but my car was slow so I couldn't race anyone! Y'all know how I am about things, so does it come as a shock to you that I called the the manager Monday morning and complained? He sent me some free passes for go-karting that I mailed to the person in our group that paid for our go-karting. That's only fair.

Roller skating proved to be a blast!! To watch, that is. Did I mention I don't roller skate? Not only that whole foot funk thing again, but also because I can't. Like, absolutely can NOT! It was great fun to watch the few people that did skate though! Actually, only a few of the guys skated, plus Cori. She was the only girl brave enough to skate.

And this--this was one of the biggest highlights! Our friend Brad on skates! hahahahahha! Y'all I wish you could have seen him! It was hysterical! I'll give it to him, he sure did try hard on those skates, but he couldn't seem to stay upright for very this picture below, I don't know if you can see it good or not, but he had fallen down and just sat on the floor and posed, I'm assuming he knew we were all snapping pictures!
Bet you thought you'd never see these two in anything other than cowboy boots, huh?

All in all, a great Saturday night with some good friends--can't wait til we all get together again soon! Travis, we had a great time CELEBRATING your birthday!



  1. NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY!!! lol. Ya I agree with you 100% on the foot funk!

  2. I don't bowl either... I'm horrible! We went last weekend- embarrassing! :) Glad y'all had a fun night out!

  3. Sounds like a great time!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. I NEVER could skate either Charon, stayed on my behind more than my feet....they should have made skates for the behind, I'd put them to good use!

  5. This is hilarious....the boys skating!!!!! Adam does not skate but bowling and go cart racing he would be game! Hope all is going well with you :)

  6. I know I already told you, but I had to come back and see these pictures again... they are so hilarious. The one of Cecil and Brad in roller skates just about kills me. That is TOO funny!!!
    What a fun night!
    You wouldnt have caught me with skates on though- I used to dread the friends' bday parties that were held at the skating rink! Ha..


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