Thursday, November 4, 2010

Florida-Georgia. THE EVENT.

In my title, you see "THE EVENT", because y'all the Florida-Georgia game is an EVENT to our family! It starts VERY EARLY in the morning on the day of the game! Hubs drives to Gainesville at 1am (yes, am) to meet up with the people we tailgate with, and the 2 guys drive to Jacksonville to reserve our spot (because it just wouldn't be right if we didn't get the same spot every year).

Around 8am, myself and my in-laws drive to Jacksonville. Let's just say I'm not all about the 1am thing. ha!

Our tailgate at the FL/GA game is INSANE! It's insane FUN too!!! Lots of food, lots of people, loud music, games, the WORKS!

Becky Burleigh (UF Women's Soccer Coach) was running the games.....and oh my! They were hysterical! I don't know how much time and effort she put into coming up with these "minute to win it" games, but they were SO FUN to watch!

Even with all the excitement, we managed to get our annual family picture done! If you like to play games...."which one of these is not like the others?" is what you should be asking......see that girl in RED? That's Edward's (Cecil's brother) girlfriend, Jenni. She's a Dawg (Georgia Bulldog, that is). God love her, she was a good sport!

After some fun, food, and friends, it was time to head into the stadium to see THE EVENT. I'm a Gator through and through, but our band is....well....they leave a little something to be desired, okay? This band, however, is AWESOME! I'm a big enough person to admit when a band is better than ours, and this one sure is!

After the opening ceremonies and whatnot, we got settled in and ready to watch the big game!
Wiley, our friend, and the same crazy one that Cecil rides to Jax with! He's in deep concentration here helping the Gators out!

By now, you know the outcome of the game was VICTORY for the GATORS, but oh my--it was a heart-stopping, screaming, stressful, game!



  1. Heart-stopping, screaming and stressful all rolled up in one event!! How fun........

  2. How fun! The food looks amazing and I love your cute trick or treaters! :)

  3. Your food table looks soo good and makes me hungry!! Glad you guys had a good time and brought home a VICTORY!!!

  4. Now that's a lot of food....

    This reminds me of going to the Packer games around here. Except for the attire, we have layers upon layers on, not shorts! Must be nice.

  5. Ya'll do a great job on your tailgate food, looks very nice!! I am so glad that we won!!

  6. My mouth is watering just looking at all that yummy tailgate food...oh yeah, the game was good too!!!


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