Monday, November 15, 2010

A sick little boy.

Y'all. Let's just face it. When our kids are sick, it is NOT good. Seems like my boys' health goes in "waves". They will be perfectly fine for months and then all of a sudden, it's a string of illnesses.

Here's a prime example. Carter ran a fever off and on for about a week and a half. I assumed it was a virus and refused to pay the Dr. $20 just to tell me that. "This ain't my first rodeo" with the whole "it's just a virus" thing.

C's cough just got worse and worse though. Again, I assumed it was because it's 40 degrees in the mornings and 80 by noon and his body was just adjusting, and it was part of the virus wreaking havoc on his body.

I had noticed however, that his cough had worsened over the last few days and was not improving, so I made the decision that I would THINK about taking him to the Dr. if he stayed that bad (coughing). Sunday before church he was coughing so bad that I made the decision to take him to the after-hours doctor that afternoon. Boy am I glad I did.

He's got PNEUMONIA. I know, I know. Bad mother of the year award. It probably did start as a virus, and just got worse, says the doctor (that I thought I might have to poke her eyes out). Nice doctor, bless her heart, but she did have the gumption to tell me that I should have brought him in last week and I should have kept a log of his fevers, etc. After I calmly and rationally explained that I knew exactly which days he had a fever, and this wasn't my first and only child, she did relent a little bit.

The Dr. did put Carter on an immediate breathing treatment right there on the spot, I'll give that to her. She didn't like the sound of his lungs before the treatment and she certainly didn't like the sound after the treatment.

A side note and funny story--Carter has had multiple surgeries on his ears, so he's an "old pro" when it comes to the masks they administer anesthesia in. That silly Dr. tried to show him how to do it and he grabbed it from her, and said "I know how to use this. You do it like this (and showed her how to hold it) and it's supposed to smell like bubble gum, but it doesn't. It stinks." I about fell off the chair laughing at him!! Bless his heart, he's so used to the anesthesia being stinky and such! Even though we had a stoic doctor, she did manage a small laugh!

He's on TWO antibiotics now and we play the waiting game to see if his pneumonia will subside any. We covet your prayers so that we don't have to go on another antibiotic!



  1. Hope that he gets better fast. I know you feel awful but it is aggrevating to pay to have the doctor tell you it's just a virus that has to wear off with time!! I'll be sure to say a pray for you all:)

  2. Charon, you are not a bad mother, just an experienced one! I don't blame you at all for not taking him sooner. Most of the kids I've taken care of, you can't tell (other than the fever that comes and goes) when they are sick cause they seem fine and won't stop playing to even act sick ;). Hope he gets better soon and will definitely add him (and you) to my prayer list!

  3. Poor kiddo!! Hope he feels better soon!!

  4. Glad to see that he was at least feeling better today.
    I can't stand Dr.'s like that. Hello, if you'd have taken him in last week like she suggested, it would have only been a virus and they'd have sent you home... been there! done that!

  5. Bless his heart! I hope he gets better soon, Charon. Sick kids are NO fun!

  6. Oh Charon, I just love you! I'm so sorry he has been sick! So not fun...

    On a different note, I want to see your new hairdo :) Also, I know I keep saying this, but I am SO sorry I am such a bad bloggy friend anymore... I just suck and blogging. Mine is about all I can manage, but I love when I see your sweet, smiling face in my inbox!! Just saying. :)


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