Monday, May 23, 2011

Mexican Restaurant

A few weeks ago, Nolan's class ran a Mexican Restaurant as part of their Social Studies curriculum.  It's the cutest thing EVER!  To prepare for the restaurant, the kids visited a local restaurant and learned about food service, then visited Publix to learn about goods and services.

Each child had to complete a job application AND each child had a job interview as well.  Nolan was assigned as the Cashier.

The class accepted reservations from parents, friends, family members, School Board personnel, etc. and had a GREAT successful restaurant!  The kids did a great job with hostessing, serving, cooking, etc.  The food was delicious!
Nolan had several family members eat lunch at the restaurant that day, one being his Mimi (Cecil's Mom).

The restaurant even had custom designed placemats!
After all guests were served, Nolan's teacher, Mrs. W, served her students!  It was precious!
I thought this was a great way to teach students about another country and have FUN while doing so!



  1. I love this idea! I want to make reservations now for next year :)

  2. Hey get me more info in this... I want to suggest it to Preston's teacher.

  3. Oh my word cutest idea ever!! Something the kids will remember forever! Seems like a huge amount of work for that teacher lol makes me tired thinking about all the planning and prep!! Hats off to her!!


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