Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother’s Day in pictures

Mother’s Day is not really my favorite holiday.  I lost my sweet Mama 10 years ago Mother’s Day weekend and it has never been the same for me.  Here’s a glimpse of my Mother’s Day in pictures (with a few words thrown in too)!

Nolan decorated a cake for me at school.

afternoon_fun 024

I decided that a beach trip was in order for Mother’s Day….not sure you can tell, but this says Happy Mother’s Day---isn’t that sweet?  My boys wrote that for me in the beach sand!

afternoon_fun 025

afternoon_fun 027

afternoon_fun 029 afternoon_fun 030

afternoon_fun 031

afternoon_fun 033 afternoon_fun 032




  1. Glad you had a good mother's day! The beach sounds AMAZING!! :)

  2. Holdin' those sweet babies in your arms!!! Awesome....

  3. What a fun Mother's Day weekend! The cake Nolan decorated for you was so sweet and thoughtful! And that ice cream truck is my favorite thing about Daytona!

  4. It looks like the kids had a great Mother's Day :-)


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