Monday, May 2, 2011


My best friend from Utah, Jana, was here for a visit last week and I got to see her for a few hours one day.  Bless her heart, she was SO BUSY the entire time she was here and she had so much family that needed to be seen since she brought her husband and kids with her.

We did manage to get a few hours of girl time in!  And there may or may not have been some cake making, icing taste-testing, and dinner eating.  I'll never tell.  I love that we hardly ever see each other (i.e. sometimes it's years in-between our visits) and yet we pick up right where we left off!

It was SO GREAT to see her and hopefully I'll get to see her soon, on a trip out West, if my family ever goes skiing!



  1. That's awesome that you were able to carve out a little special time together!!!

  2. See now I was nice enough NOT to post that picture of us on my blog HAHA!!! You look good in it though. I'm so glad we got to hang out together. And by the way.. I am not a Utard. I am FROM Florida just like you Little Miss. LOLOLOLOL

  3. I love girl time, especially with old friends. I love when you can go 10 years without seeing someone and pick up where you left off.


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