Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grow Baby Grow!

Guess you can figure out from these pictures what my husband does to stress me out for a living.  ha-ha

Our melons are growing beautifully every day--now we have to pray that they don't get any hail, or heavy windstorms, or too much rain, or too little rain, or a fungus, or bugs, etc. etc.  Then, after ALL that, you pray that they hit the market on the right day (pricing fluctuates every day or nearly every day and if you hit before Memorial Day you get a certain price--then if you hit after Memorial Day, the prices are usually lower).  See how STRESSFUL this is?

We had to go see 'bout the melons yesterday afternoon/evening and the boys wanted to run the lines and look at the can see a little one in Nolan's hand.....



  1. Awesome!! We can't grow them around our area.

    Hey, our "Jonah" study is going great, BTW!!

  2. Praying for those sweet melons and for God to be favorable to your family on the day they hit the market! :)

  3. Crossing my fingers for their safe, healthy, and profitable trip to the market... I have to say, they look delicious. :)


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