Friday, April 15, 2011

Life's a Beach

It's rare that I have time to go to the beach for a day-trip.  I did however, make time to do such this past weekend.  You ever have those times where you just need a big, fat, BREAK from reality?  Yep--it was one of those times.

My cousin and I planned a day-trip to Daytona last weekend and we had a BLAST.  My little family of 4 went and she and her oldest daughter went.  We all piled into my car and headed that way!

Karen and Kristen had themselves a time with my wooden spoons on the way over.  I'll neither confirm or deny why I have wooden spoons in my car.   Take a few guesses.  I'm sure you're right.  hee-hee-hee

Nolan and Carter thought it was HYSTERICAL that K&K were fighting with the spoons!
Karen and I at the beautiful beach!

Nolan and Kristen in the ocean.

Since I own several timeshares in Daytona, I'm fortunate to be allowed to use the facilities even when it's not "my time".  It was great to be able to lay on the beach, yet rinse off with fresh water, and swim in a nice, cool pool!!

I foresee MANY more day-trips to the beach in the NEAR future!


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  1. Good for you taking a day trip to the beach. I know what you mean by taking a break from reality. We are going to take a break ourselves this weekend. YAY!!


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