Wednesday, April 13, 2011 the Old Ball Game...

Well, I'd like to tell you the reason I haven't blogged in several days is because I've been on a long vacation to Hawaii or somewhere nice and tropical, but the truth is...well, here's the truth...WE LIVE AT THE BALL FIELD these days.  ha!

The boys had pictures last week at the ball field, and you know me, I never buy those pre-packaged deals, because I feel like I can do just as good a job with my own camera and then I own the copyright and can do what I want to. (and I'm certain that was a run-on sentence but roll with me here will ya?)
 Carter smiled sweetly for his first few photos...

Then he felt the need to look the part of a "cool" ball player.  And don't tell him this, but I sort of like it, hee-hee-hee

Nolan smiled a good one for me too!

Nolan and his friend Trey before pictures.  Trey's Dad, Uncle, and Grandfather all coach the team.  How COOL is that?  Nolan and Trey are in the same class at school together too (bless their teacher's heart)

Stay tuned for more baseball adventures.  Sorry, no tropical photos for you, BUT we did go to the beach a few days ago!



  1. You've got some seriously CUTE ball players! Good job with the pics, Momma!

  2. I know what you mean about those pre-packaged photo deals. Love those smiles! You have a couple of cuties there.


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