Monday, April 4, 2011

Deal of the Week

I haven't been out and about shopping in the last week or so, but this is one deal that ANYONE can be proud of!

Nolan has severe allergies, so we keep serious stock in Claritin!  Imagine my surprise when I found out Walgreens had it on an unadvertised sale of $5.50 (the one with a "bonus" box of 5 chewables) and there was a $3.00 coupon online for it!  YAHOO!

$2.50 for a bottle of liquid gold!


  1. I need to coupon! I don't feel clip them, put them in my wallet and then forget to use them! I watch those people on TV who go and buy carts full of groceries and spend $10. Seriously AMAZES me!!

  2. um that should say I clip them, NOT I don't feel clip them! ;)


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