Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Making of an EASTER basket.

It's no secret that I LOVE to do Easter baskets!  I love finding the items to put in the baskets, and I love putting the baskets together.

I got a lot of comments on my Facebook page about the boys' Easter baskets and a few comments on my blog about the baskets, so I thought I'd show you exactly how I put them together!  (and a few snide remarks on how many my kids got, but hey--they're my kids and it's my prerogative, right?)

I started by gathering everything that was to go in the baskets, including the grass, candy, eggs, etc.  In other words, EVERYTHING.

All those items were then spread out so I could "do work".  ha!
Then, the items were divided into two IDENTICAL groups.  It's important that you understand IDENTICAL because heaven help us if their baskets aren't IDENTICAL.  It's rare than one boy gets something different from the other.  For example, if they both get bath crayons, one might get a different color than the other, and Nolan likes dark chocolate whereas Carter does not, so that's a little different, but otherwise, it's IDENTICAL.
The baskets and grass were prepped.
Then, the filling began.  I usually do simple things like bath crayons, cracker jacks, Gatorade, Hawaiian Punch powder, shampoo or body wash, etc.  I don't (and didn't) spend a whole lot on "stuff" even though it looks like it.
I continued to add in "stuff" here and there until the baskets were overflowing full.  One can never have too much "stuff" in their Easter basket.

A close-up look at one of the baskets completely finished!  That toothbrush was free and the Pez dispenser I purchased last year after Easter for less than a quarter!  And I had some Mars coupons, so those Snickers eggs were FREE and I even made money on them.
And another one of their baskets.....yes, they each get THREE baskets.  One basket has nothing but candy filled eggs, and the other 2 baskets usually have candy eggs and the "stuff" in it.  The boys' cloth baskets are not very big, so that's why I had to move to multiple baskets.
It does look like a lot, but this basket for example was about $3 or $4 total.  The markers were on clearance a few months ago for about $1, the pencils were $1, the cotton candy was .10c, the Dove bar was .29c, and the Hawaiian punch drink powders were $1.  I had coupons and discounts on everything that went into their baskets this year. (well, almost everything)
Yummy candy eggs!
Then, the baskets were all set up on the table and ready to be "found" on Easter morning!
And that is the story of my Easter baskets!



  1. You are a WAY better momma than I am, Charon!

  2. That's funny about the "identical" baskets... Kasi and PJ are the same... sometimes that makes things difficult

    This year, I had a mishap and had to make Eric make an emergency trip for the Easter Bunny... Since Kasi is playing soccer and PJ is playing baseball, a lot of their stuff was sports you said, though, they both got the same thing, but one in soccer and one in baseball... one thing in pink, the other in blue, etc. Well as I was shopping, I found this CUTE bunny holding a soccer ball for Kasi. I figured surely I'd find a stuffed animal with a baseball... well Id idn't. So I picked up this HEx Bug Nano thing that PJ wanted... when I was putting my baskets together, I decided I didn't want Kasi to get a stuffed animal and PJ to get the bug thing... so I took the stuffed animal back. AND it didn't dawn on me that I didn't get anything to replace it until EASTER MORNING as they're tearing their baskets apart! Luckily Eric was turkey hunting that morning, so I had him run to Walgreens and pick up one for Kasidi and "find" it in the yard where the Easter Bunny had "dropped" it. :D

  3. The baskets look great! Next year you should go for four baskets! :)


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