Thursday, March 31, 2011

Full Swing

We are officially into baseball season "full swing"!  The boys have practice 2 times a week, each, and then there are games at least twice a week.  I feel like I've got a permanent seat at the baseball field these days.

Carter has had one game thus far, and Nolan has already had 2 games.  Nolan struggled a bit in his first game, but did much better on his second game, I think because he was more comfortable.  This is his first year doing machine-pitch (i.e. NON t-ball) and it's a big change!
 It sure was HOT that day!!
 Nolan up to bat.......

Carter is still t-ball age, and I tell ya, those little t-ballers are the cutest things ever!!  C loves to play pitcher or catcher--those are his favorite positions.  Here he is catching at his last game.

 This little handsome thing on the right is Carter's friend H.E.  Isn't he a DOLL?  I'm sure if his Daddy reads this he won't like me calling his son a DOLL, but he's just so stinkin' CUTE!  Look at that smile and those eyes!!  I told them I was going to use this picture as bribery one day when they were older--they both start Kindergarten this year and will go through school together..that's ONE good thing about living in a small town!  His Mama and I grew up together too!
 Carter getting ready to bat at his first t-ball game of the year.
 Hey Batter Batter.....
 I am in LOVE with this picture!  First of all, it's just cute as all get out and secondly, you can see that he's already dirty!

We are so blessed with wonderful coaches for both boys!  They are such patient and kind gentlemen.  I am not fond of coaches that yell and scream at the kids and generally act the fool on a baseball field (and I could go off on a tangent here about getting our kids to act decent when the coach doesn't, but that's neither here nor there).  I will admit I was VERY nervous about Nolan moving up this year because of the intensity of some of the games, but Nolan has a wonderful coach that is just perfect for him.

I'm off to wash some baseball pants now......



  1. This post stirs up lots of precious memories for me!! Darling little ones you have....

  2. Love these pics! And I love that the boys have great coaches that set a good important for our little guys.

  3. Love!! I can't wait for Wyatt to be able to play! Waylon says, "Nah...I'll just watch!" I'm gonna have Wyatt being athletic, and Waylon is gonna be our own personal Geek Squad..he'll be the kid with the laptop at his brother's games, ha!!

  4. Nolan is certainly a cutie in his uniform!!!!

  5. I feel the same way... like I live at the softball fields!! :) We practically do! Nolan looks so cute in uniform!

    Question... how do you recommend booking your cruise? Travel agent, website??

  6. The boys are so cute in their ball uniforms looking all serious, Charon!


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