Friday, March 25, 2011

SEA WORLD with LOTS of pictures!

A friend of ours was able to get us FREE tickets to SEA WORLD, so off we went last week during the kids' Spring Break.

These were TWO very excited little boys about their FIRST trip to Sea World! (Aunt Lynda--see their Drillers shirts?  Cute, huh?)   And I'll admit, it was my first time back to Sea World in about 22 years--it had been 23 years for Cecil!  Can you believe that?

We went to Orlando on Thursday night so we would be at the park when it opened at 9am--we were able to go to the Bass Pro Shop that night as well as a few of the outlet stores (because my children won't stop growing, and needed a few new articles of clothing).

We saw Penguins and Puffers (which the boys thought were hysterical)!

Seals were next on the list, and let me tell you, as beautiful as they are on TV, they are UGLY in person!

I recall, from when I was a little girl, walking through the shark tank, so off we went to discover more about these creatures!  The boys LOVED walking through the shark tank and we had to do so several times.

Of course, the boys had to check out the sharks in the outside tank too!

Next was a kiddie roller coaster and the boys enjoyed that as well.

One thing I loved about Sea World is that there aren't nearly as many people there as there are at other theme parks AND the kids can go on the rides by themselves!  Not only that, but you can put them in line by themselves, and wait at the Exit side and still see them the entire time!

The boys LOVED riding Ocean Commotion and did so about 6 or 7 times that day!  They rode it over and over again!

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures--you can see the sheer JOY on their little faces!  I LOVE IT!

You can't go to Sea World without seeing the STAR of the show!  SHAMU!  The boys really liked the Shamu show too!

After the show, we took a quick break, had a snack and rested our feet......

The stingrays were close by at this point, so we took the boys over to "pet" them.  I definitely had NO desire to do such, so I remained the photographer!  ha!

The dolphin show was one of the last things we did/saw on Friday and WOW!  I remember it being fun when I was younger, but they have really vamped up the show!  It was AWESOME!  The boys enjoyed the dolphin show WAY more than the Shamu show--I think because it had more action and such.

Before we left the park, they saw one more ride they wanted to do--some sort of Critter Crawler or something like was a kiddie ride, but looked like it made your tummy still go topsy-turvy!  They wanted to ride it by themselves (which was fine with me!)--

Getting ready for the ride....
 The ride went rather high-up in the air too--I was surprised!  But they LOVED every second of it!

 Again, these pictures are PRICELESS--the expression on their little faces says it all! 

 Overall, it was a GREAT day at Sea World, and a great day to spend time with each other!



  1. I'm so glad that you guys had so much fun!! Love the pictures (can't believe that you were able to get both of them to smile, but I guess excitement will do that to you) :)

  2. Wow - looks like you all had a super fun time - I have NEVER been to Sea World, but I think I want to check it out some day! And thanks for the pictures of the little guys in the Drillers gear - and I do se the big guy likes that cap! Lovin' the combination of Gators t-shirt and Drillers cap - perfection!! Thanks!!

  3. SO fun! I've been wanting to take AB to SeaWorld! I havent been in close to 10 years, and DW is like yall, he hasnt been since the elementary school field trip! :)
    Glad yall got to do something fun as a family during Spring Break.. I know its a busy time of year for yall, so that was such a blessing! :)

  4. I have not been to Sea World since Tyler was in 2nd grade,(he's in 8th grade now). My Kaelyn has never been, unless you count the time we took Tyler just before he was 2 and I was pregnant with her. Glad you all had a good time. Love the pictures of your boys on that last ride!

  5. I've never been there and I know I would absolutely love it!

  6. Looks like ya'll had a great time. I love the pics or your boys on the rides.


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