Thursday, March 10, 2011


Remember the post last month (for Cecil's birthday) where I said I'd post about what we REALLY did on his birthday???? 

Well, WAIT NO MORE!  Here's what we did!!

We went to the BUD SHOOTOUT!!  We were guests of Sprint in their Sky Tower Suite!  We have gone to the Bud Shootout as guests of Sprint several times through the last few years, and it's ALWAYS a GREAT time!

We have a charter bus that meets us in Gainesville, drives us to the track, drops us off right up front, and we have a Sprint person that stays with us the whole time taking us on tours and such.  We always get to do a pit tour, and this years tour was the BEST yet!

We can go behind the scenes into "pit row" (is it pit row or pit road?  I can never understand the people when they say that), and this year, we were able to tour the inside of a hauler.

We get to see cars go through inspection and we get to see them preparing for the race!

What a great night of FUN and FRIENDS!

Even one of the Sprint girls visited our suite!

It was so much fun rooting on our favorite driver and our suite was a myriad of hoots and hollers all night as drivers wrecked, drafted, and "did" NASCAR!!!



  1. Not too shabby - looks like you had a great time! And a belated Happy Birthday to Cecil!

  2. Love it!! We had a wonderful time and so glad that I finally got to meet you!

  3. That's pretty cool!! Looks like you had a bunch of fun.


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