Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Saturday was Cecil's birthday--we had BIG plans for the day that had nothing to do with his birthday (post to follow in a few days).

Before we left for our BIG trip, Cecil opened his presents.

It nearly killed me to buy a book with a Seminole on the front, but since it was the message of the book I was going for, I did break down and buy it.  ha!
 Cecil had asked for a new Bible last year sometime, but he's picky about the style and type of his Bible, so it took me some time to find exactly what he wanted.  He HAS to have King James Version (which makes me crazy cause I can barely understand all the thee's and thou's).  He also has to have a thin Bible.  He doesn't like a big, thick one. 
 He looks a little "special" in this picture, but he was very, very SICK.  I promise.  On the Bible.  (sorry--couldn't help it)
Happy Birthday Cecil!



  1. I want to get that book for Eric, let me know how Cecil likes it. :)

  2. Excellent choice on the book! (Go Noles!) Tell Cecil, Happy belated Bday from us.

    - us

  3. I am very touched that Cecil wanted a Bible and got that for his birthday. What a wonderful man he has grown to be. Proud to be related to you!


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