Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As a Science project (I think it was Science), Nolan had to make a robot out of materials we had on hand.  Not only did they have to make it, they had to name it and tell their classmates something about the robot.  I am not quite sure what Nolan named his robot, but I know he wanted his robot to do his homework for him (there's a shocker).

Our robot was made out of tomato paste cans, a Magic Eraser box, a Wheat Thins box, toilet paper rolls, and tomato sauce cans.  Nolan did really well with helping.  He spray painted most of it, did the eyes, nose, mouth, heart, etc. and held items on while Cecil glued it (it was Super Glue, so I was not about to let him do that part on his own).

As you can tell, he is "so over" the picture taking stage.



  1. That is one cool robot (and I wouldn't mind a robot that did my homework either ;) ).

  2. I think it's funny when kids get older and are "too cool" for pictures....

  3. Love the robot! Very cool and clever. I love homework assignments that get the parents and family involved. :-)

  4. He loved presenting it! We have them displayed in the library and they think it is so cool for the whole school to be seeing thier robots. :)


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