Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…



This time of year, my dining room table becomes “home” to new backpacks, clothes, teacher supplies, lunchboxes, fruit snacks, and anything else the boys will need for “back to school”. 

I “hate” the super hero type stuff, but I do have boys and they LOVE it, so I did relent and let them get super hero backpacks.  Oddly enough, they both picked out the same lunchbox for this year.


Don’t tell anyone, but I LOVE IT!  I LOVE buying school supplies and putting together little teacher goody bags!   So far for their teachers, I have a notepad, some stickers, and some bookplates.


Aren’t these shirts cute?  They were on clearance at Old Navy for 4.99.  I got to the register and they were only 3.99 each.  THEN, I “spun the wheel” and got 20% off and used my Old Navy card and received an additional 10% off.  Now THAT is what I call a BARGAIN! 


More to come on our vacation and some back to school shopping!



  1. I love school shopping too! Last week I hung up all the new school clothes, today her backpack and lunch box came in... got a box of teacher and my own classroom goodies started. Not excited about going back to work..... but am sad and excited for my baby to go to kindergarten.

  2. Yippie school is almost in!! I love the hustle and bustle, back pack buying, clothes and supplies!! Love all your deals! Looks like some stylin' kids :) Hope y'all have a wonderful school year!!!

  3. I love it too, but I have got to get on the ball. I have bought...ummm...NOTHING!!! Yikes!

  4. I love school supplies too! You are so organized!!

  5. It's weird for us here. Kids actually start the new school year 3 different times--traditional calendar, multi-track, and single track (the last two are year-round calendars) so retailers have to go nuts because we have lots of back to school shopping weekends.

  6. As a kid, I dreaded the end of summer vacation and the return of school. But even so, I did enjoy going shopping with my mother for new school supplies.

    Congrats on the great deal at Old Navy. That's always a good feeling to get those additional discounts so the item ends up being practically free!

  7. Love those deals!! Your boys will look so cute.

  8. I also hate the superhero drama but my son also loves it!! I actually have a spider man shirt that I always tuck into the bottom of the drawer after it's been washed, wouldn't ya know that boy always finds that spidey shirt?! And you know I am always lovin your teacher gifts!!

  9. I am so NOT inspired to get my butt in gear and shop for back to school!!!!!!



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