Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daytona Beach 2011

As we do every July, our family headed off to our condo in Daytona Beach for 2 weeks!  We were in for some HOT HOT HOT weather!

As is normal, I toted the 2 boys, a babysitter, myself, and enough food to feed the Five Thousand.

We had great weather, good friends, and good eatin’.  Does it get any better than that?

vacation_2011 006 vacation_2011 002

There was boogie boarding……

vacation_2011 037

And swimming…..

vacation_2011 044

And hangin’ out with Kelli the babysitter!

vacation_2011 058

While there, we always make time to go to Down the Hatch for some delicious seafood….YUM.

vacation_2011 168

It was nice to get a family picture off the beach this year.  Normally, we’ll get one in front of the ocean and it’s so sunny and sandy, but this year, we did one on the docks at the restaurant.

  vacation_2011 183

We happened to have some dear friends of ours staying just down the road at their condo and they met us for dinner one night!  This is Jennifer and Bill…SHE is the COUPON QUEEN and puts the Extreme Couponers to shame!

vacation_2011 184

One night, we went down to the Boardwalk to let the kids have a little fun, ride the ferris wheel, and let Kelli and Cecil go up in the big slingshot ride.  (yes, they are nuts).  This is Kelli and I at the top of the ferris wheel!  I feel VERY old because I used to babysit her when she was around 3 years old and now she’s babysitting my children!  oh my!

vacation_2011 253

Kelli and Cecil getting strapped in for the slingshot ride!

 vacation_2011 218 vacation_2011 221

They went 300 feet in the air at 110 miles per hour!!  CRAZY!

vacation_2011 228vacation_2011 229

If you know me, you KNOW I am NOT a risk taker, so it will come as a shock to you to learn that I PARASAILED at the beach this year!  YES! ME!  I DID IT!  800 feet in the air!

A cousin of mine and her family rented my Dad’s condo this year and we all went together to parasail.

Here is my cousin, Karen, and myself BEFORE the big event!

 vacation_2011 072

Kelli and the boys…..

vacation_2011 076

I was hoping this wasn’t my last family picture!  HA!

vacation_2011 074

You all KNOW my aversion to the ocean (yes, I hate the ocean) and sharks…so I was SO thankful we didn’t have JAWS as our boat.  Yes!  The name of that boat is Jaws!

 vacation_2011 080

Our crew was awesome!  The best crew and captain ever!  This is the first mate getting me all strapped in and ready to go!

vacation_2011 085  vacation_2011 095 vacation_2011 097 vacation_2011 100 vacation_2011 102

Even Cecil went parasailing!  This is him and Kristen (Karen’s daughter) way up in the air!!

vacation_2011 123

I guess from the way I was holding the rope, the next day my arms looked like I had been in a brawl!  Bruises were awful!  Don’t worry—these pictures make it look GOOD.  It turned ugly purple and green before the next day!  And you know what?  IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

vacation_2011 187 vacation_2011 186

Overall, it was a great beach trip and we had a GREAT time!  Can’t wait for next year’s trip!

vacation_2011 204 vacation_2011 209 vacation_2011 237

Happy Summer!



  1. Looks like a great time!! :-) I LOVE the beach!!!

  2. So glad you and your family had so much fun on your beach trip. Love the family picture.

  3. We went to the beach this summer too! I LOVED it!

    Great pictures!!!


  4. Oh, how fun!!! I am so glad you shared such fun pics. I may have to go take some Dramamine though. Ha

  5. Fun, fun, fun!! I think the parasailing looked awesome...the sling shot?! Not so much...

  6. What a FUN trip!! And girl that seafood looks every kind of YUM!


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