Monday, August 15, 2011

Eating me out of house and home

Help!  They’re eating me out of house and home!  BOYS!  THEY EAT SO MUCH!!  And they’re only 7 and 5.  I can’t imagine when they are teenagers!

We made a “back to school food” run a few days ago to get ready for lunchbox food.

Lemonade, peanut butter, snacks, breakfast food, fresh fruit, etc.

school_food 001

Gatorade (for fall ball practice), popcorn, and some other “junk”….

 school_food 002

Craisins (mine and Carter’s favorite), fruit for Carter’s breakfast…..

school_food 003

And if all that food isn’t enough to remind you, then the cute sign surely will!

school_food 004


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  1. It really is crazy how much boys can eat. That should get you through the first week...


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