Sunday, August 7, 2011

School Supply Shopping

A few weeks ago I posted about getting ready to go back to school.
Since Carter starts Kindergarten this year, I wanted to document his “first” trip to buy his “first” school supplies.
school 003  
There is nothing better than the smell of FRESH NEW Crayola crayons!
school 007
school 006
Overall, the boys did good during the (at least) hour long shopping trip.
school 009
 After all that buying, they were happy just to sit down on the bench and people watch at the Wal-Mart.  Some sights to see FOR SURE!

school 011
Stay tuned for another “back to school post” soon!



  1. SOOOO CUTE!!!!!! Love me some new crayons!!! CRAYOLA ONLY!!!

  2. That's the cutest pic of the boys on the Wal-Mart bench!!!

  3. I am rolling just thinking about those boys checking out "the sights" at Wal-Mart!!!


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