Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shopping, T-Ball, and Teenage Boys!

Yes, again. Three "posts" in one! It's all I have time for, but I promise, I'll try to get better about posting more than once per week!

Friday, two of my best friends and I went shopping at a HUGE outlet mall, in Ellenton! We LOVE it down there (we usually go 2-3 times per year) and spent many many hours just shopping, chatting and having an enjoyable day! We were all shopping for school clothes for our kids and we found some great bargains!

Here's what my kids got--

...and...two of my favorite finds today....these adorable shirts!

Did someone say shopping? I went this afternoon and got this stuff....wonder what it will turn in to? Annie and Carrie have inspired me to get back in touch with my creative side,'ll have to check back in a few days to see what I come up with!!

Today was also another t-ball game--Nolan did okay--he got a hit the first at bat and then had to hit off the tee the second at-bat. I get frustrated when he has to hit off the tee, but Cecil actually prefers Nolan to hit off the tee because it teaches him to swing level (apparently--say the guys). Trust me, they say--I guess I'll have to cause I for SURE don't know anything about all that boy stuff!

This is Nolan running from third base to home--look at the excitement on his face! Oh to be that carefree again.........

............Speaking of carefree, Nolan's little preschool class walked to the elementary school last week for the Kindergarten program and all Nolan could talk about when he got home was that he got to be LINE LEADER!! (apparently that's a big deal at that age!) I just laughed and said, "that is wonderful Nolan!" and then thought to myself--I wish I could go back to the days of having no worries other than who is line leader!!

Some of you know that this past week, we had a teenager staying with us for about a week and a half--his parents were out of town and he was entrusted to our care (scary!). I realized what was in store for me in many years (of which will arrive quickly, I have no doubt)! Messy bedrooms, dirty clothes, staying up and making sure he makes curfew--whew! It was work! We LOVED every minute of it though! He is a respectful youngin' and it was a joy to have him here! On Thursday, after ball practice (oh yes, did I mention he plays baseball and thus, I had to get clay out of pants and wash uniforms, etc.? ha-ha)--he drives up to the house and BOTH doors open on his truck--he's brought a friend home with him to eat!! Good thing I had 2 pizzas!! ha-ha-ha; no big deal, I'd much rather them be here eating pizza and running around outside my house than who knows's the boys eating dinner on Friday night.......
(shout out to "D" --we had a blast with you here!!)

Check back soon, cause I'll show you what I made with the stuff I bought at Michael's and the Easter baskets I'm putting together, etc.!

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  1. Look at all those clothes! I couldnt school shop this early, though.... by the time school rolled around I'd have to go again! :) And look at all that pretty glitter! Cant wait to see what you make!


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