Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Cake Decorating, and Bridal Luncheons!

No, the three things don't go together. I know. BUT, it beats trying to post three entries to my blog!

I usually try to stay somewhat organized, but when it's SPRING, I try to do a few projects around the house. This spring, my goals are to clean out my pantry and bakers pantry, dresser drawers (hello--I can't even fit into half my clothes), kids clothes and "junk", my kitchen, my bathroom cabinets, and the shed (that's really if I get some serious time on my hands, which is NOT likely!) More pictures to follow for organization projects, but here's the "new" pantry! It's not perfect, but it's a good start.

In one of my previous posts, I said that I was a self-taught cake decorator and someone emailed me from that and asked what other types of cakes I had done. I've done a camo cake, dinosaur, treasure chest, snake, peace cake, tiki man, monkey, John Deere, little girl polka dot cupcakes, and probably one of my favorites, a 3-tier polka dot bright colored cake! Here's a few pics!

Speaking of spring....aren't these flowers gorgeous?!?! I hostessed a Bridal Luncheon at my house this past weekend, with a few other girlfriends, and I whipped up these flower arrangements for the tables--it's azaleas! Someone commented to me that they had never thought to cut azaleas and put them in a vase, but let me tell you, these were GORGEOUS! I added some green/clear/white decorative flat marbles to the bottom of one of the vases and everyone thought it was too cute!

Then, I cut some of the azaleas off at the base of the flower and put them in my green depression glass dessert dishes and came up with........sorry the picture is a little blurry, but you get the idea.....

Alright, I figure this long post makes up for at least a whole week, so maybe one of my spring goals should be to post more often? Oh wait....that takes time.....LOL


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  1. I love the azaleas! The blooming azaleas and dogwoods are making me so ready for spring, if only it would stay warm...Also, your cleaning and organizing is making me feel convicted!


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