Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let Freedom Ring! (Part II)

On Saturday, of our "Fourth of July" weekend, we went to Daytona for the NASCAR Coke Zero 400 race! We had a blast! We go to this race with our good friends, Brad and Shannon E.

Cecil and Brad do business together and are in the same business (farming), and Shannon and I met through them, and just by generally living in in the same town which is extremely small. Everyone knows everyone here.

Like Annie, I could tell some serious stories about the way these people are dressed at the races! HA! Trust me. I'll spare you the details though. Too much to tell....... hee-hee-hee.

We met Brad and Shannon about 1:00 and from there...the FUN FUN FUN began! We are all a barrel of laughs whenever we get together......just food, fun, and friends. It doesn't get any better than that people! We started out in Daytona by eating lunch, errr....I mean, gorging ourselves on every food evidenced below.

After lunch, Shannon and I went shopping at Marshall's, which is adjacent to where we park. I bought the cutest bag there (sorry, no picture) but trust me. It's CUTE. And...Brad wanted a new shirt so here is the (back) of Brad as he's escaping my picture.......and let me tell you, Brad getting a new shirt is a story in itself.

And..wouldn't you know it? My favorite song in the whole world (okay, maybe not favorite song in the whole world, but one I really really like) has it's own brand of jeans....hmmm.....

Are you humming it yet? I am. Apple Bottom with the fur..the whole club was lookin' at her......

Here's Shannon sitting in the car, waiting on the guys to get ready to head over to the track. She will probably kill me for posting this...but who cares...I'll be at the beach for two weeks, and maybe she'll have forgotten about it by then....

After we ate and shopped, we ventured over to the race track where the real fun began! Brad tells us every year that NASCAR is truly the only true American sport left. I am starting to agree with him, although, if it's the only American one left, why do some of them drive foreign made cars? Figure that one out.

Before the race begins, fans are treated to the BEST flyover EVER by some of the most talented service men EVER. Check out this flyover! If this doesn't give you chill bumps, then you have wet wood.

When the American flag comes out and the jets are flying overhead and you hear the Star Spangled Banner, it is the MOST touching moment you can imagine....

Here's me and Shannon during the race, listening to the drivers, okay she is listening to them talk and I'm all about keeping my hair lookin' decent.

The other "most touching moment" is when someone other than Kyle Bush (sp?) won the race. I do not like KB!! I don't care for him because he whines about can't ever be that he just had a stinky day's always someone hit me, or NASCAR should have better rules, or yadda, yadda, yadda.....Cecil doesn't like KB because he drives a Toyota. Um. I gently reminded my husband that I drive a Honda. Go figure. I'm so glad Tony Stewart won!!!! Dale, Jr. is my favorite, but if he can't win, then it doesn't matter to me WHO wins, as long as it's not KB.

Here's Brad and Cecil after the race headin' back to the car to come was late...

Stay tuned for Part III of "Let Freedom Ring" will be the last post for 2 weeks, cause these.......are going to the BEACH baby!! (Yes, I have flip flop tan lines on my feet cause I wear flip flops ALL the time. YES. I wear two toe rings--used to be 3...then I tamed down a little, hee-hee. Yes. I wear a gold anklet all the time.)

Stay tuned......



  1. totally agree about the whole star spangled banner thing and the flyover, I plan to include that in my post when I FINALLY get around to doing it... Love how you had to throw Kyle Busch (note the correct sp) in there... also something I'd planned on doing...just not being ugly about him! ha... :) Great pics! ~amw~

  2. I get goose bumps just watching it on TV!! I can't wait to go back to a race, it has been too long. We are planning to go next year! And I totally agree about Kyle Busch..he is my least favorite too!! -Jill

  3. that looks so fun... and I haven't been able to find any toe rings at all this season! Where have they all gone? I mean, if you can't find them at Target, then they must not be anywhere!!
    Your toe rings were super cute. :)

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Looks like ya'll had a sooo much fun :)

  5. Thats funny we both had kids vacumed out, I dont hear that often. Did yours get the nice cone head? lol
    That is cool you got to go to Paula Deens cooking classes. That would be a dream. I always love saying "another stick a butter"
    luv your blogs :) Mae


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