Tuesday, July 28, 2009

See What the Professional Can Do!

Remember in yesterday's post that I said a friend of ours that we vacation with took some professional photos of us on the beach? We've been vacationing with them for....let's see here...ummm...well....A. Really. Long. Time.

I've known her husband since I was 6 or 8...so that's anywhere from 23+ years ago.....We met Lydia several years later and we just love both she and Chris. It's awesome that we vacationed together as "children" and now our children are vacationing together!

You can view our pictures on her website, Lydia Hubert Photography! Look under Portraits, and then Children...and there are a few of Nolan and Carter....(they're in turquoise shirts and plaid shorts) and then under Portraits, Family, there are a four of us as a family....I'm pretty sure I tried to link you directly to the pictures, so if it doesn't work, let me know. Otherwise, browse around in the Family Portraits section and you'll see us at the bottom.....

A HUGE thank you to Lydia for capturing us on our vacation and hers! We Love Y'all!


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