Thursday, July 30, 2009

School Supplies, Oh How I Love Thee!

Y'all know I have a SERIOUS fettish with school supplies, right? Seriously. I. LOVE. SCHOOL. SUPPLIES. When I was in school, my FAVORITE memory was my mom taking me to buy my school supplies (not my clothes!).

We decided to take Nolan on Wednesday night to finish up his "need to have for Kindergarten school supply list." (see list above) I envisioned a nice, quiet evening as we browsed the aisles looking for the right color scissors, glue, and markers, and discussing how much FUN he would have in Kindergarten.

HA! That angelic picture (did you hear the nice calm music playing?) went to pot the second we walked in the store. Not because the store was crowded (it wasn't), but because we had BOTH our BOYS with us. Really, Lord? Why did you give me boys who could CARE LESS what color their scissors are and whether or not they have 8 glue sticks instead of 12? Not to mention, they could care less about "classic" markers versus "tropical" colored markers. Sigh. These boys really need to get a grip on the important things (ha-ha!) It became a trip of hurry up and get this stuff, let's get out of here!

My little "glue picker-outer"

Here's Nolan picking out one of the items on his list! So many choices....which one do I choose, which one do I choose?.....
So proud to have Expo markers..... ALL know it's TRUE--nothing like the smell of a fresh box of Crayola brand crayons! And my heavens, NO! I did not pay $2.39 per box! They were only .25 per box!

At the end of the night, here's what we ended up with! The ONLY thing we didn't get on the list was 6-inch paper plates. If any of you find 6-inch paper plates, PLEASE tell me what store!

Also, because I LOVE a bargain and because I LOVE school supplies, I usually stock up on various items for the boys' teachers as well. Here's a stack that will go to Nolan's teacher. She's getting some bathroom passes (which are ADORABLE), bookmarks, notepad and pen, construction paper, word strips, crayon box papers that you write words or whatnot on, binder clips that have an apple on them, a Dr. Seuss bag, and all kinds of other goodies! Oh! How I wish I were a teacher!

I get to find out on Monday who his teacher is, but here's the characteristics I listed:

-thinks and teaches outside the box
-does not put heavy emphasis on standardized testing
-able to discipline lovingly (ha! Like I really discipline lovingly at home)
-not a screamer (I mean, the poor child gets to hear me scream enough, he doesn't need a teacher that screams too)
-I can't remember what else

I'm sure he'll get a fantastic teacher though! The entire Kindergarten team is really good, so I know I'll be happy--well...there is one...........



  1. oh, i love this post! What fun!!! I, too, love me some school supplies! Any time Devin has to go to OfficeMax, I make sure to tag along! And I agree, there's nothing like the smell of Crayola crayons... I must admit, I am a total crayon snob! Ha... :) Arent you quite the 'suck-up' buying N's teacher all that great stuff! Ha! Ha!---I am sure whoever he gets, she will be wonderful with him! :)

  2. How fun! Back to School time was always like Christmas! Love it!

  3. I am SO SO SO glad to see that I am not alone!!! I love school supplies too. We started a school supply drive here at the newspaper last year for kids in need in the county and I just LOVE going through the collection boxes and sorting through all the glue sticks, color crayons and pencils!

    I can hardly wait to pack Allie's first backpack--I just won't want to leave her at school :)

  4. Oh Kindergarten!! The smell of unbroken crayons early in the morning... just pop me a message if you need to cry the first day. (or maybe that was just me...)

    My mom didn't let us open anything - clothes OR supplies before the first day of school- so I spent my pre school weeks playing store with my little brother. I always made him be the customer. Fun memories!

  5. Girl, you should see my "supply closet" haha I start buying the moment they put that stuff out. And I too am a total crayon snob. Ok fine, I'm a snob about most things kid related haha

  6. I'm glad to see that they're many others out there who enjoy school supplies as much as me! We're homeschooling so that means Mama gets school supplies too. YAY! My husband just rolls his eyes, they just don't get it. I tell him all the time he was probably one of those who always had to borrow a pen and sheet of paper. :)

  7. oh my... his sheer joy for school gives me goose bumps. I get just about excited as Nolan is in his sweet pictures when I walk into a office supply store! I am stress to get everything done before school but I literally can't wait till meet the teacher when I can hug them all and claim them as mine for the year! Heard you got a pretty sweet teacher this year. Mrs. H will rock your socks off!

  8. Don't forget book covers! Last summer I started making updated versions of the paperbag book covers we used to make as kids.

    Let me know what you think!



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