Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wasn't That Sweet?!?

On Thursday afternoon, my boss' wife brought these in for me.....

WASN'T THAT SWEET? I NEVER get flowers from anyone and she got me this gorgeous bouquet! I love them!

On Monday afternoon, she brought me this, which was just the "icing on the cake!" I just love Paula Deen!

Lots of times, people ask where I work. For the record, I work at Gleim Publications. I am the Assistant to the President (you can see him here). Basically, that means I do all of his emails, transcription, lots of paying bills, filing, phones, travel scheduling, speaking engagement scheduling, and general day to day issues that arise. This probably seems very mundane to most of you, but I can never explain how in depth this stuff is....a quick example--we have almost 2500 emails in our in-box right now! It's nothing for me to go through several hundred emails per week or even in a few days, if we're really busy! I always say I have several college degrees but never use them, when in fact, the 2 degrees I have, I use daily in doing what I'm doing!

I really like my job (most days), and my boss is really good about being flexible! For example, this summer, he let me have off every Tuesday so I could spend time with my kids! Me being off one day a week (and Cecil taking off one day a week) allowed us to save $200 a month in daycare!

Hopefully, he'll also let me do some volunteer work in Nolan's classroom too, when he starts Kindergarten this year. I sure do want to volunteer and take in treats and go on field trips!

Overall, I really like what I do and the flowers and Paula Deen magazine are just great perks!



  1. It's just so nice to be appreciated isn't it?? I love surprises so much!! And Paula- well, who wouldn't love a sweet surprise like that?

  2. What a great work environment! You are a very lucky woman. I think it's great that you were able to take off and spend one day a week with the boys this summer. I know y'all have been busy.

  3. well, wow.. the BOSSES wife brings you flowers? Isnt that quite the perk! :)
    & I love that he let you take off one day a week to be with the boys this summer. That's awesome...

  4. Wow how sweet! I LOVE Paula Dean and her cookware. I know how important it is to save on daycare, that's awesome. Before I quit working 2yrs ago to become a stay at home mom, we paid $1800 a month for daycare!!!


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