Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll!

This past weekend, Cecil and I traveled to Georgia (Tifton). Y'all know I have a story here right?.....

Y'all know that I vacation in Daytona every summer for 2 weeks and it used to be 3, then reality hit, I got married, had babies and began working. Anyhow, during those weeks at the beach, (we have a condo there) the same families typically vacation there EVERY year.

When I was about 8 or so, we met a family that had 2 children, a boy and a girl. The girl and I were about the same age and her little brother was just a few years younger than us. We had a blast every summer together and stayed in touch when we weren't at the beach. To this day, we still call each other sisters and brother.....we're that close!

Amy, Erik, and me at the wedding

Amy, Mrs. Vivian, me, and Erik

The years passed (all too quickly) and we all "grew up"......First, Amy got married to Jeremy (whom we love dearly!) She'll kill me for posting this picture on here, but I didn't get one of all of us at the wedding, so this will have to do!
Amy and Jeremy

Then, Cecil and I got married about a year later--(on Amy's birthday and we have never lived that down).

And finally....Erik......(sniff, sniff) got married this past weekend at Gin Creek Plantation in Hartsfield, GA. Erik's new bride, Jana, is a sweetheart---I can see why he loves her so much.
me and Erik ("brother and sister")

Everyone at the wedding had a great time--here is Brad, the best man, dancing with all the women at the reception. This is the first time I had seen Brad in years! I met him when we were probably 18 or so? at the beach.....he was in a car accident a few years ago that left him paralyzed from the waist down--it was very hard for me to see Brad like this, because I had only ever known him to be fast paced and on the go--but he has not let the wheelchair slow him down any! We had a blast with Brad!

On Saturday morning, we met Amy and Jeremy at Cracker Barrell for a nice, hearty breakfast before we headed back was sad to say good-bye, but Amy says she'll be at the beach next year! (we'll see about that!)

Congratulations Erik! Your sister in Florida loves you so much! Amy--I already miss you girl--we have to get together again soon!!



  1. Cute top girl!! Sounds like you had fun!

  2. Well of course his bride would be great. It's all in the name. haha

  3. How wonderful to have those cherished friends!! Wasn't Gin Creek beautiful? Did the lil ones make the trip? If they did they probably thought the zip line in the lake was awesome!! You prepared for Monday? I am so excited to meet my youngins on Friday!

  4. Good ole Tifton. I have friends from there. Looks like you had fun!

  5. you are just always the sweetest thing... you just can't help it, can you?? (grin)


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