Thursday, August 13, 2009


Finally! The long awaited post on the WEDDING. Our wedding was...well, it was an event for sure. We had a large wedding party and lots of chiefs and not many indians. (you understand what I'm saying?)......People should have known that I was going to be the only chief there. Ah, well....the wedding was perfect!

Here is a scan of our program, which I loved. A good friend of ours, B.L. did the programs for me. We just sat down one night and went through line by line and got it all done. As if you couldn't guess, I loved my programs too!

Our colors were periwinkle and white. I didn't really want more than one color, so I just used white as the accent color. My girls dresses were periwinkle and the guys were black tuxes with vests. Cecil wore a black tux with a silver vest.
Me and my bridesmaids!

The whole wedding partyMy cute flower girls--who went barefoot for the wedding and such!

I had dreamed, since I was a little girl of the type of wedding I would have. I knew I wanted elaborate--but didn't realize how expensive elaborate would be. I still had a really nice wedding, but maybe not quite as I had imagined and dreamed--don't get me wrong, it was massive, elaborate, and very nice, just not over the top. Come to think of it, it was just perfect. ; )

My mom passed away the year before I got married, so to remember her, we had a candleabra that had 9 candles on it. Each of my mom's brothers and sisters lit a candle, and 1 of her friends lit a candle, my brother, myself, my dad, and then Cecil lit one too......while this was going on, one of my mom's other friends had pre-recorded a song "There You'll Be" and it was playing in the background. She had to pre-record the song because she kept crying through it during all her practices, so she decided to pre-record, which was fine with me. She did a beautiful job and I love that song--still makes me teary eyed to this day.

My and daddy lighting our candles in memory of my mom.

I have a good friend who was in the US Marine band and he played "Regal Trumpet Call" on his trumpet when the doors opened for me to come into the sanctuary. Now THAT was one thing I did dream about! It was really neat--and I've not heard too many do that at their wedding.

Getting hitched!

After my dad and I got to the front, a family friend sang "The Father Says I Do" which is a beautiful song about a daddy giving his daughter away--basically the song talks about the dad giving his daughter away (hence the words the father says I do) and then the second verse talks about a married couple committing themselves to the Lord and asking who has the power to bind the two as one...."The Father Says I Do"...... It's a beautiful song.

A few other songs we had were "I Will Be Here" (during the unity candle) and "Parents Prayer" when Cecil's parents were seated. Also had "Grow Old With Me" which I LOVE TO THIS DAY. It's just the sweetest song you've ever heard.

After we were married, just after the pastor pronounced us married, he turned us around before the guests and said a few words about us...and then, after I had composed myself through most of the wedding, he said that he knew my mom was smiling down from heaven and that she would be so happy...and then came tears. From the pastor. From me. From Cecil. sheesh. There went the make-up. The pastor that married us is a family friend that my mom grew up with, and he also pastors our church. Mr. Wes (that's all I've ever known him as) also did my mom's funeral and would later dedicate both my babies to the Lord.

In the video, throughout the whole wedding, you can hear people crying--not sure if that's a good sign or bad, but either way, you could hear the sniffling. Especially during emotional parts like the lighting of the memory candles and at the end when Mr. Wes talked about my mom.

It's official!

We had our reception at the country club where we live (which is small, but we didn't want people to have to travel far). Anything that stood still had white tulle wrapped on it. Cause let's just say the country club needed a little decorating help.

I loved my cake, which was huge! You can hardly see the cake for all the flowers, but I loved it!
It was 5 layers of sweet goodness! The cake was cream cheese pound cake with a different filling in each layer--one had strawberry, one had pineapple, one had blueberry, one was plain. It was SOME KIND OF GOOD TOO! We had NONE left. And when I say NONE. I mean NONE. We had our top layer for us to take home and that was IT.

The cake!

And here's Cecil's cake....what else but a watermelon field? The inside was red velvet with chocolate chips to look like a watermelon! How cool was that????? Love it.

For gifts, we did pretty bookmarks with a bible verse on them and also a packet of flower seeds that had a pretty saying on it.....

There's probably a few things that I forgot to tell you that I really wanted to, but you can at least get a good idea from the pictures and such....

So, that's the wedding. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our day.........we honeymooned in Montana, so I'll post that in a few days!



  1. yes, it certainly looked like an event for sure! wouldnt you love to do it again? (I mean to the same person, of course, but just get to plan and do it all over..)!!!

  2. Well I feel like I was there now... Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I recall the wedding...and I was one of the many out in the audience that was sniffing...


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