Friday, August 28, 2009

The FIRST day of Kindergarten and a Home Invasion!!

I should warn you now that this is a LONG one, but if you like drama and you like pictures, keep reading.

Nolan started Kindergarten this week. Kindergarten. No. Really--he did. I can't believe it either.

I suppose I could start off with one of those "I remember the day he was born" stories.....(when we ALL know I remember the day he was born, because it was near about the hardest day of my ever-livin life! and when all was said and done, I had yelled at my OB, told him to do the darn c-section, (even though he didn't) and was well....just plumb 'tore UP. And that's not the worst of it...The extra baby weight I'm holding onto is another story...Let's see...where was I??...OH--Nolan started Kindergarten. That's right.

I was SO excited for him to start school and learn to read! He can write letters and numbers rather decent, but I'll admit I am a BOOKWORM--I want him to learn to read so bad! Books open up another world for people!

For starters, I woke him up to the Good Morning song, which my Mama sang to me EVERY year on the first day of school. I do mean EVERY YEAR--until the day I graduated high school, she sang this song to me on the first day...

"good morning, good morning, it's time to say good morning...with a hello, and a how do you do, today is your very first day of school, good morning, good morning to you!" He woke right up and got dressed and we headed to breakfast in the nook which was an egg and some fruit.

He looked so handsome at home that morning with his new clothes and backpack and "schnazzy" shoes......(he called them schnazzy, not me)

On our way to Kindergarten.........and YES. His backpack is monogrammed.

Hanging up his backpack on his FIRST day of school!

I know many, many people at the school he goes to and several of them peeked in on N. throughout the day......they all reported to me that he was smiling and having a good time!

The neatest thing is that I have a good friend, that I started Kindergarten with and went all the way through school with--and her little boy is in N's class too!

He had a GREAT FIRST day of school! But there's MORE! Keep going.....

Now, it's on to the REAL story of the day!.....(insert BIG sigh here)....

I had taken the whole day off work so that I could drop off and pick up N. on his FIRST day of school. After I dropped him off, I headed to G'ville because I needed to do a few errands. It took MAYBE 2 hours. (just giving you a timeline here people).

On my way home, about 3 minutes from my house, my cell phone rings. It's the alarm company for our house and the lady says "Mrs. Benton, the house alarm has been activated and no one answered the home phone, so we've dispatched police." I say to the nice woman, "yes, mam, I'm on my way, please do."

So....since I live in the middle of nowhere and have very few neighbors, and it's 11:25 in the morning, I flick my flashers on and go upwards of 120 miles an hour in the van (told you my Bessie had some get up to her!) and make it to my house in about 1.5 minutes! Yeah baby!
(sorry, got a little carried away there)....

Meanwhile, I've called the hubby on the cell phone and screamed, "get to the house before me WITH a gun and make sure it's loaded! The alarm is on!"

So the hubby and I are coming at each other from opposite directions and speed demon here realizes that if she in fact drives in on a robbery in progress, I have no gun with which to defend myself. I slow down and let C. drive in just ahead of me (as I swing in on two wheels)....the poor peanut pickers coming down my driveway probably thought I was crazy!

We go into the house and notice nothing except the alarm going off....we think it's probably just the motion sensor from the ceiling fan (which has never happened, but there's a first time for everything). We kind of walk around the living room and office and don't see anything, but figure we'd do a quick walk-through just in case and lo and behold we walk towards the kids bedrooms and we see GLASS EVERYWHERE.

Some stank crackhead had shattered my youngin's window with our own t-ball bat and crawled through the window. At this point, I'm just fuming. Seriously. I'll POKE YOUR EYES OUT if you mess with my youngin (or his window for that matter).

Immediately I head to the other side of the house which houses the master bedroom. It's the same sight it was 3 years ago....dresser drawers open, my jewelrey armoir flung all over the place, a pillowcase missing and no jewelry on the dresser. SIGH. That stank crackhead did it again. (we were robbed 3 years ago and the EXACT same situation--guns, jewelry, etc. were missing--the only difference then was that we had only lived in the house 4 days, so the alarm system wasn't on yet--this time it WAS!)

Meanwhile, the Deputy has arrived and is doing a walkthrough in the house to "clear" it.....I had to calmly tell him that it would make me feel a whole lot better if he would actually take his gun OUT of his holster to do so. He didn't. Oh well.

We notice a nice, big footprint outside the window and immediately we all think the same thing!! HE'S ON FOOT! The police man calls in back-up! And LAWD have mercy did it come! Our driveway looked like a funeral procession. There were about 8 or 9 deputies there, 2, count them TWO K-9 units, 2 undercover cars and then....we hear it....a glorious, glorious sound.......the helicopter from the next county over! Yes ma'am. That crackhead was gonna get caught! I had a picture of the whole line of cars, but it had 2 of the undercover cars in it, so I figured I wouldn't post it.

Until.......the K-9 tracked him to an area of woods behind our house where they find car tracks....the crackhead had DRIVEN his car to MY woods, parked it, got out, robbed MY house, jumped back in the car and left. SUCKER. I tell you what--if I ever see him, I'll poke his eyes out and cut his fingers off. (I'm working on my anger here people, just let me have my moment, okay? I'll forgive later. Like...when he's on death-row or something and I'll be pushing for the State NOT to administer any muscle relaxers)

I'm a little embarrassed by all the action in our driveway and I just know the man plowing the field next door things we were secretly living the Mafia life, but no, just a simple home invasion--aka. ARMED ROBBERY, since the crackhead stole a gun. The funniest thing about the whole day (if you can find something funny in all of this) is that one of the deputies asked C. if his gun was loaded. Really? Someone in this county not having his gun loaded? I just looked at him and said "did you really just ask that?" He just started laughing.

By now, it's almost time to go pick N. up from his FIRST day of school and we collectively decide, since it had been raining and real windy to tell him that the storm did the damage to his window.....there's no sense in scaring the poor child to death!

All in all, I should be thankful that the crackhead didn't get my cameras, my pictures, or most importantly, my family. If I had not stopped off in town at the post office, I would have walked in on the robbery. For now, we have a lead, and think it's the same person that robbed us this time as did the last time.

I guess I'll have to let the Lord deal with the crackhead. It "ain't" gonna be easy, and I'm sure not gonna like it, but I guess I'll let Him. (unless of course, I get to the crackhead first, which shouldn't be too hard since he lives about 2 miles from us). And when I get there, he BETTER not have my apple green iPod on his nasty crackhead! and his stank, crackhead girlfriend better not have my diamond earrings on, or else you gonna see a CATFIGHT.



  1. Only you can make something so serious actually kind of funny! Hopefully you'll catch him.
    Nolan was adorable on his 1st day!!!

  2. Alright, I know this isnt funny, but you re-telling it, kind of is...especially the fact that you have PICTURES!!! Only you'd be making the list of stolen items and documenting the whole event with pictures at the same time! ha... So sorry it happened again...

  3. Girl, I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I agree with Annie, I'm loving that you took pictures of the helicopter! I cannot believe you were robbed not once, but twice by the same person (most likely). I soooo hope they catch the crackhead and he has not pawned all your goods to buy drugs. It scares me to death to think he came threw your boys' window! Yikes. Charon, go buy a gun! Seriously.

  4. OH MY GOSH... I am speechless.

    Well, I'm not really speechless, cause I've never been at a loss for words... but OH MY GOODNESS!!!

    I would have peed in my pants. Then I would have cried and cried, and never felt safe again.

    That stinks royally girlfriend!!

    What a crazy day and story and OH MY GOODNESS> I just can't believe that!!!

    Your ipod, your diamonds?? Ohhhhh.

    I can't believe you have photos... that part makes me want to laugh... I would have said the very same thing... No, I would have been outside hiding in my car with the engine on actually.

    You are so brave.

    I have to say it again... OH MY GOODNESS!!!

  5. Ok, first of all, I have to say that I am glad no one was home and that everyone is ok. I can't imagine being broken into while home. Don't want to think about it.

    I can't believe they asked if the gun was loaded - what's the point in having it if you can't use it?

    We got broken into this time last year - they kicked in the back door. We're assuming they thought the TV was a flat screen (it is a DLP and from the front looks like it could be), because they took it...but left it in the driveway. No joke. Got called to the house, greeted the deputy (who I have worked with on a few and there was my 50" TV sitting in the driveway. It wasn't so funny then, but it sure is now.


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