Monday, August 17, 2009

Honeymoon--last in a series

Okay. I know you're sick of seeing my wedding and reception pictures. I promise this is the last in the series...then off to more wedding pictures (not of mine silly--of one we went to this past weekend!)

After our honeymoon, we flew to Montana to see some of the beautiful sights there...was definitely NOT my first pick for a nice, romantic spot, was gorgeous there and we'd love to go back someday and take the boys.

(see how long my hair is? I grew it out for the wedding and the day we got home, Aubrey cut it off for me!)

We had a 3-story condo at Big Sky. That part was really nice! It was so relaxing there and you just wanted to veg out!

Mostly, we toured Yellowstone National Park. You can drive for hours every day and see something new every day! We saw TONS of animals too! Check out this elk! This is serious people! The rangers tell you not to try and feed the animals or you could get seriously injured (i.e. gored to death).

You just can't believe how beautiful it is there! The mountains and such are like nothing you've seen and "Old Faithful" is the most gorgeous sight you'll ever see--We saw Old Faithful, the Teton Glaciers, Willow Flats, The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Falls, Hanging Valley, Firehole Falls, and lots of hot springs! We even got our picture taken at the Continental Divide!

so in SKINNY.

One afternoon, we took a gondola ride to the top of Big Sky Mountain and saw snow (in August)! One of the best days was when Cecil played golf on a really nice course at Big Sky and I took advantage of their spa, then we met for lunch and went on a horse ride (hours long) to the top of a mountain and had a nice steak dinner! That was really special!

It was a great time and a great week! There you go. No more of my wedding posts. Hope you enjoyed them all....our anniversary was last Monday and I've finally finished posting about it!



  1. Oh the plaid pants... they just slay me. I had a pair of plaid shorts.... loved them too!

    Girl, I grew up in Montana, near Big Sky. Did you know that? Hence the non-southern, yet still appropriate use of "y'all" quite liberally. Montanans are a little confused when it comes to talkin. Love that.

    You always make my laugh when you comment by the way...


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