Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bridal Portraits

I guess y'all figured out I wasn't going to be able to keep up and do all the different posts I really wanted to do. Sigh. Sorry 'bout that. Not that you all care about all the little details of my wedding (which was 7 years ago as of today--Monday). Today is all about Bridal Portraits and then in a few days I'll do wedding and reception (which will have equally as many photos!)

I figured I'd just skip all the "ditty" and get right to the nitty gritty. Here are some of my bridal portraits. I'm not sure how many of you did it, but I did Bridal Portraits several months before the wedding. (it's just a thing here in the south) I'll do Bridal Portraits today and then in a few days, I'll post wedding and reception pictures and talk about the colors, napkins, cake, etc. (you know, the important things!) ha-ha

A word (or two) about my dress. You know how when you're a little girl you just dream of the dress you'll have one day when you get married? I HAD THAT DRESS! I saw this exact dress YEARS before I ever got engaged and just loved it.

When I finally got engaged and started looking for it, only two (2) stores in the entire USA had the dress. One in NYC and the other in Miami, Florida. THE DRESS had to be imported from overseas (it was french couture). Thankfully, Miami is only 6 hours from me, so I was able to drive down there and get THE DRESS. I had to go once to find it and try it on, then again a few months later for final fitting, etc.

It was a big, poofy dress and had appliques on the bodice and matching appliques placed sporadically on the layers of the bottom. Additionally, the dress had a cathedral length train which was LONG. I wore 2 veils in my hair. One, a short 3-tier veil and the other was a single piece veil which went the length of my train and extended another few inches. Oh-did I mention I wore a tiara too? Needless to say, my head was killing me before the night was over.
THE DRESS was VERY heavy, hence the reason I had 3 little pages, or train bearers carrying my train down the aisle. I wore a crinoline underneath the dress, and the dress had 1 built in, so you can imagine how poofy it was.

I'm going to put several of my bridal portraits on here, cause I loved THE DRESS. In one of the pictures, you'll see the whole "team" of people it took to get me out in the middle of the field I had the portraits in. I had my best friend, my mom's best friend (my mom passed away a year before this) and my hairdresser. Bless their hearts, they held veils, lifted the dress, fixed the hair, sprayed the hair, and generally did whatever the photographer told them to do.

All my portraits were done by Renaud Photography. I realize you'll think I'm bragging for putting all these bridal portraits on here, but really. I LOVED THE DRESS.

-Sorry for the blurriness--I have no idea why they are so blurry--they're not blurry on my editing software--must be the quality it has to be in to be able to upload. good grief.-

In this picture, you can definitely see the "short" 3-layer veil, and can almost see a few inches of the LONG veil on the grass.....

Well, there you have it. A few of my bridal portraits. Hope you enjoyed. Look for the wedding and reception pictures in a few days.



  1. You were beautiful! I can just imagine your husbands' face when he first saw you in this amazing dress.

  2. you're too much.... glad you LOVED THE DRESS! You were a beautiful bride for sure! Cant wait for the rest of the pics!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! I wanted a big poufy dress too!!

    Mine was almost as poufy as yours.. And I wanted a big veil too...

    I just want to wear it again. (but to the same wedding)

  4. Your pictures are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I wanna get married haaaa


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