Sunday, September 6, 2009


Saturday marked one of the biggest days of the year (next to Christmas and Easter of course). Here in the South, namely, Gator Country--it was opening day for the GATORS!! (insert the Gator Chomp here)!

Earlier in the week, my in-laws all but begged me to let my boys go. Carter has never been to a game (I don't think he has anyhow) and Nolan has only been to one or two. This game though, was different. It wasn't until 7:00. At night. Which is one hour ahead of their BEDTIME. Which I have a strict policy never to break. I can't handle it and neither can they. Even when we're at Disney (our favorite place on earth, except maybe the beach), they are in bed by 8:30 or 9:00, which is pushing it for me (and them).

After days and days of begging from the in-laws and seriously thinking about how much trouble this would and could be, I relented. In the name of all that is good and right, I decided to let them go to a football game for their favorite team and cheer on Tim Tebow and Riley Cooper.
(insert massive SIGH here).

My in-laws assured me that they would handle the boys during the game and take them the rest of the weekend (since it's a long one) so we could enjoy the game and the weekend. (turns out I was sick the whole weekend, so I don't know how much enjoyment there was there, but anyhow). Talked to my mother-in-law this morning and she said the boys did great during the game and slept until 7:45 this morning! So...guess that means I'll have to be relenting at Disney on our next trip and letting them stay up until 10:00pm....We'll see about that.

Here's a few pictures right when we arrived on campus for parking, etc.

We've tailgated for several years with Wiley and Doris H., whom we just love! They are salt of the earth kind of people! Doris always has things looking so nice and Wiley is in charge of the music! (and the drink making during Florida-Georgia)!

Here's Doris, Wiley, and me pre-game on Saturday during the tailgate party!

And some of our gang during tailgating......

Nolan and Carter's dentist, Dr. B, is friends with Wiley and Doris, so he's always at the tailgate party too!! He's the best dentist in the whole wide world and my kids adore him. Here's Dr. B. with Nolan and Carter during tailgating....

Our whole gang just before leaving for the stadium!

We've sat in the same seats for I can't tell you how many years.....we've met so many nice Gator fans and have blast during the game. We've met and become friends with one in particular, Bill, who sits directly behind us. Bill and his wife Darla live in Tampa and just became parents of a beautiful baby girl, J. Here's Bill, Cecil, and Edward (Cecil's brother) before kickoff. These 3 guys yell and call plays the entire game. They know what's going to happen before the players do half the time. Sheesh. But...they have a good time and are enjoying themselves. That's what counts.

All I can now is....GOOOOOOOOOO GATORS!!



  1. Adam calls the plays before they are played as bad I don't have that gift. :) I just sit back and enjoy! GO GATORS!! The boys were precious in their gator attire!

  2. cute pics!!! so glad you decided to let the boys stay up later and go! I am sure Cecil's parents were loving having their grandsons with them! :)

  3. I"M SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!! i miss gator games more than you can even imagine.

  4. That looks like it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

    You guys look like a rowdy fun crowd. :)

    Oh, and Thank you for the SWEET birthday wishes!! You blessed my heart with your comment. Well, you ALWAYS do that... but still, birthday comments are even more precious.

    Later, Gator.

    (get it?) hee, heee.


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