Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nolan's Special Day!

In Nolan's Kindergarten classroom, they each have one special day per month. This is the day they are responsible for bringing snack, something for show and tell, and they are allowed to be line leader and teacher's helper ALL DAY LONG! (my word--if only my day were that easy!)

Nolan's teacher really wants parents to send in sugar-free snacks and vegetables and BORING things like that for snack. Ewwwww yuck. She just took all the FUN out of snack day! much for my cupcake idea.....Mrs. H also wants bottled water for the kids instead of juice. This was pushing it for me.

Anyhow, today was Nolan's special day and I chose to send in packages of crackers and cheese and bottled water (much to my chagrin).

I couldn't simply send in plain old bottled water and boring crackers and cheese. It had to be "dressed up"......see below. They started the color unit today and red was the first color. (hence the red crayon on the labels)

And listen. I tried and tried to get this dumb picture to turn the right way. I edited, re-edited and did all sorts of things. You'll just have to turn your head.

I thought the labels (thanks for the idea, Annie!) really made it much cuter than it was! (and that wasn't hard cause bottled water ain't cute!)



  1. Shoulda bought the football shaped bottled water to celebrate football season starting. Do you guys have those there?
    The labels were cute though!!!!!

  2. Oh man, I would so have to break this rule. Girl and I just finished decorating her blue cupcake. Pretty simple... while cupcakes with the word blue and thanks to Braley lots of blue sprinkles. We were gonna make cookie monster.... but we just ran outta time. We will have to be looking for you some more ideas.

  3. Too, too funny. I was just sitting here thinking, that is so AMW! And sure enough she gave you the idea! I love it. The snacks turned out so cute, but I'm with you, what the heck?! That is dull. What happens if YOU break the rules!

  4. So cute! I bet his teacher really loved it.


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