Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Monday was the boys’ first day of school!  Nolan started First Grade and Carter went to Pre-K.  My ‘boys’ are growing up!

school 008

school 009

school 007

school 006

 school 005 school 004

Carter goes to Pre-School at a different site than Nolan goes to school at, and I always enjoy getting a picture of him in front of the gate at his school.  Through the years, I’ve seen him barely touching the top of the gate to now, as you can see….his head is just above it…..

school 010

Nolan takes a lunch box every day to school, and Carter takes his lunch two times a week.  Of course, I had to enclose notes in their lunch boxes!  Cecil said they were going to get made fun of, but I don’t care!  My Mama wrote me notes in my lunchbox until I graduated high school!  These boys aren’t getting off that easy! ha!

school 001

school 003 

school 002 

Here’s Nolan walking up to his classroom.  Such a big boy!
school 011

Nolan also has a little friend in his class!  Coye W. happens to be in the same class again this year!  It’s so sweet, because Coye’s Mama and myself grew up together too!
school 012

Hope your kiddos had a great first day too!



  1. I's so jealous that you got good pictures of your boys all ready for school!! Maybe we'll get a good one next year, HA!

  2. Aww! Have a great year boys!! ;)

  3. Those little notes were so sweet! I hope your boys have a great year of school!

  4. I write notes to my kids too! AND the girls LOVE it! Now I can see if they were starting high school and you were doing that, they may get made fun of. So, that's why you'll have to be sneaky about it then... hey just cause they grow up doesn't mean you have to stop tellin' 'em how much you love 'em!
    You're boys are so adorable! You're gonna have to beat the girls off with a stick one day!


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