Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Friday was our "Meet the Teacher" event at Nolan's school. I knew who his teacher was going to be several weeks ago, but he had never met her before today (I don't think he had anyway).....Nolan's First Grade teacher will be......

MRS. WHITEHURST!!!!!Nolan was very excited to meet her and do a scavenger hunt in her classroom. I loved Mrs. W's classroom and thought it was so neat and organized! We are in for a GREAT year!
Nolan's spot at a table.....
My "big" first grader
As many of you know, teachers spend WAY too much of their own money so their students have ample supplies and items to learn with! Mrs. W had a Giving Gators table set up in her room so that parents could select items to purchase for the classroom......

I picked 2 items to purchase and Nolan picked one. We are buying non-gel shaving cream, play-doh, and an individual CD player with headphones!

Overall, we are very excited and ready to begin school on Monday!



  1. How fun! I know Nolan will love Mrs. Whitehurst ;)

  2. Glad you had fun, because I did too! Don't be decieved I am not always that organized but I try ;) Looking forward to Monday!

  3. Looks like Nolan is in for a great year. Have fun!

  4. I hope Nolan has a great first year!! :)

  5. How fun is that!? I love it! You will have a great year for sure. What a cute idea to have "giving gators"--very sweet.

  6. Oh now you know the teacher in me just LOVES that you are so generous with your teachers! ;)


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