Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Candy Corn Toss

We’re having a Fall Festival thingie (for lack of a better term) at our church on Sunday evening, and I was asked to make a sign for the Greeter Ministry booth.  The Greeter booth is going to be a Candy Corn Toss.

I got out all my supplies, ribbon, chalk, cotton, glue, etc.  I had NO idea what I was going to do, only that I wanted to be creative and make a cute sign.

I started with a piece of white posterboard (Which by the way, did y’all know posterboard is now $1.19?  It was like .50c when I was in school!  This is highway robbery!)

sign 001

Then I cut some letters using my Cricut machine.  I happened to have in my inventory, some paper that looked like candy corn, so I used that!

sign 002

Chalk and paints….still at this point, not sure what of these supplies I was going to use, ha-ha.

sign 003

I decided I wanted my poster to look somewhat “old” or “antique”, which meant I needed to chalk the edges in brown.

sign 004

sign 005

Then, I set my letters.

sign 006

Added some ribbon to the board and tied a piece of ribbon to the “o” in corn.  You can NEVER have too much ribbon.  I’m convinced.

sign 007

sign 008


sign 010

(See?  NEVER too much ribbon)

sign 011

I’m excited to see all the other signs too and can’t wait for the festival!



  1. You are just so creative where do you find the time. I love your art work. Keep up the good work. Amazing just amazing.

  2. That looks great!!!! Now I know who to call........

  3. You are too creative!!! I love it!

  4. Good job! Hope the festival goes well.

  5. I hear a lot of girls using that cricut thingy. I think I must get one...

  6. You are way creative! I love your gators ring too! :)

  7. A fall festival....how fun!!!

  8. It turned out so cute! Our church used to have a fall festival for the kiddos but the past two years haven't done one. It's sad because I think D would love all of the fun booths...especially a candy corn toss. :)

  9. I love a fall festival and your sign turned out super cute! Looking forward to catching up with y'all on Friday!


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